Week 17

The Titans are making a run. The Chargers have solidified themselves at the top of the heap, and who wants the Playoff Spots in the NFC. Scout.com's Randy Taylor and Adam Caplan take a look around the NFL in this week's Power Rankings.

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Week 17 Team Last Week Change Record Randy's Take Adam's Take
1 San Diego Chargers
1 - 13-2 They continue to show their character and talent by winning in tough surroundings and even when they don't play well. Clearly the best team in the league right now but they still could improve in the secondary.
2 Chicago Bears
2 - 13-2 Avoid serious injury, win the game and get the back-up quarterback some snaps. Done, done and done! Thankfully for them Rex Grossman is starting to play better.
3 Baltimore Ravens
3 - 12-3 The Ravens are playing at a high level at the right time. The passing game is showing some improvement of late.
4 New England Patriots
5 +1 11-4 They're in the playoffs. That's the good news. They have to travel to play the streaking Titans. That's the not-so-good news. Nice road win last week and getting back Laurence Maroney and Rodney Harrison back is huge.
5 New Orleans Saints
6 +1 10-5 The Saints have the "coach of the year", "player of the year" and "feel good story of the year." What more can you ask for? Nice job of boucning back last week.
6 Denver Broncos
8 +2 9-6 Santa Claus must be a Broncos fan! Cutler continues to impress. Maybe head coach Mike Shanahan was right about putting Jay Cutler in behind center.
7 Indianapolis Colts
4 -3 11-4 They better regain the passion they beat Cincinnati with a couple weeks ago. Right now, they're limping into the playoffs. You have to still be very concerned with their run defense.
8 Philadelphia Eagles
10 +2 9-6 Andy Reid has put himself in the "coach of the year" race. The team has raised their play to make up for the loss of McNabb. Jeff Garcia is doing a great job and their run defense is finally improving.
9 Dallas Cowboys
7 -2 9-6 A cynic might think Terrell Owens is only concerned about himself. Even the Tony Romo phenomenon can't overcome this guy. They got trounced again at home, not a good sign.
10 Seattle Seahawks
13 +3 9-6 Even in the loss, they re-established themselves as a contender in the NFC. They clearly aren't anywhere near as good defensively as they were last season.
11 Cincinnati Bengals
9 -2 8-7 Santa Claus must not be a Bengals fan! That "naughty and nice" thing must really work. Chad Johnson's play of late is concerning.
12 Jacksonville Jaguars
11 -1 8-7 They have playoff talent but must be kicking themselves about the missed opportunities. The passing game is preventing them from being much better.
13 New York Jets
12 -1 9-6 The grit of this team has continued to carry them to the brink of a playoff bid. Coaching and the leadership of Pennington have been special. They played a very physical game at Miami and were able to come out on top.
14 Tennessee Titans
20 +6 8-7 It's great to be a Titan! They're overachieving and winning games; they must be having fun. Nice road win last week and they still have an outside shot at the playoffs.
15 Kansas City Chiefs
17 +2 8-7 KC must feel a lot like Jacksonville, who they play Sunday. They're a playoff caliber team that is letting it slip away. The defense continues to underacheive and where's the pass rush?
16 Buffalo Bills
15 -1 7-8 The Bills have laid ground work for success. They should go into the off-season with confidence in their quarterback, runningback and defense. Tough loss at home against the Titans. Still, they're a lot better than anyone thought they could be.
17 New York Giants
14 -3 7-8 Just when you think they're out … they get pulled back in. The Giants are an erratic but dangerous team. The defensive injuries still are an issue and Eli Manning's inconsistent play isn't helping either.
18 Carolina Panthers
23 +5 7-8 Will the real Carolina Panthers please stand up. If they sneak in the tournament, which is a very long shot, they know how to win as a wild card team. Good win at Atlanta last week but too many of their top players are underacheiving.
19 Pittsburgh Steelers
16 -3 7-8 The reigning champs can go out with a roar or a wimper at Cincinnati this Sunday. They were dominated at home last week which rarely happens. Not a good sign.
20 Atlanta Falcons
18 -2 7-8 The Falcons have themselves in a position to clinch a playoff spot. Unfortunately, it seems every team has to lose. The lack of a pass rush is a big problem.
21 Green Bay Packers
24 +3 7-8 This is a time for miracles. If we could write a storybook ending to Brett Favre's career, it would have him returning to the playoffs. They really haven't beat many good teams yet they're still alive for a playoff spot.
22 St. Louis Rams
26 +4 7-8 Marc Bulger continues to prove that he's an MVP type quarterback. They're still alive for a playoff spot but barely.
23 San Francisco 49ers
22 -1 6-9 They've had enough success with this young and talented team to be excited about next year. The passing game is still limited and the secondary needs to be improved.
24 Minnesota Vikings
21 -3 6-9 This must be a disappointing end to a season that started with promise. Let the Tarvaris Jackson era begin! The passing game needs major work and the secondary needs to be more consistent.
25 Miami Dolphins
19 -6 6-9 The play of their defense has been overshadowed by their offense's inconsistency. Their defense keeps them in most games but the offense is too inconsistent.
26 Washington Redskins
25 -1 5-10 In a year when they've been out of the playoff run for awhile, their final game with the Giants should generate a great effort. The defense fell off again last week.
27 Cleveland Browns
27 - 4-11 It's rumored that Coach Crennel had visions of drafting playmakers dancing in his head and not the usual sugarplums. Derek Anderson should have been the starting quarterback much sooner.
28 Houston Texans
28 - 5-10 They found a running game against the Colts! Most teams find a running game against the Colts! They're improved over last year but they're still not even an average team.
29 Arizona Cardinals
29 - 5-10 This team may be closer to being a contender next year than most think. Their offensive line is playing much better of late but the defense continues to underachieve.
30 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
30 - 4-11 The offseason personnel moves will be much more exciting than what the Bucs did on the field this year. It will be a long time before they're going to be a playoff team.
31 Detroit Lions
31 - 2-13 See Oakland. Josh McCown should be the starting quarterback.
32 Oakland Raiders
32 - 2-13 What's the tie breaker for the number one pick in the draft? The defense is very competitive but the offense has underachieved all season.