Schon: Welcome to the NFL Week One

Thursday night I was fortunate enough to witness the umpteenth comeback of Vikings QB Brett Favre, complete with all the enthusiasm and excitement of your standard Amway Party

Twelve hours from the NFL's Opening Weekend and I'm almost sure I'm beginning to get excited. Ok… maybe it's more - "I'm getting anxious" - but however you want to look at it – it beats lawn darts, women's soccer and the Bulls of Pamplona - all of which I checked out during the offseason.

Thursday night I was fortunate enough to witness the umpteenth comeback of Vikings QB Brett Favre, complete with all the enthusiasm and excitement of your standard Amway Party.

Maybe it's just me, but I'm pretty sure I remember a time Favre actually looked like he enjoyed the game, like it really meant something - especially when it came to the final two minutes of the fourth quarter. Fast-forward through two or three retirement parties and I swear I'm watching somebody's grandpa getting psyched for his next sponge bath…

Sunday I've got the Denver Broncos matchup with the Jaguars – two teams headed straight toward mediocrity - if you believe the latest predictions tossed out by the Demigods from the four-letter network in Bristol. Fortunately I work for the three-letter network and got a slightly different point of view – for three specific reasons:

A. They've got the Messiah, and whether he's second or third on the depth chart – at least he's there (thinking this could play out huge with the guy upstairs).

B. They've got Royal, Orton, a kid named after one of my favorite rock bands and a dude off the practice squad that just might be the next Rod Smith. So you haven't heard of Zane (Meet The) Beadles and Matthew Willis? Stick around long enough - you will… and

C. There's no way a team with a defensive coordinator named Wink ever finishes below .500 in a city that's exactly one-mile above sea level - it's an unwritten NFL Law (Ok, so I made that one up – but I honestly think he's going to have a much bigger impact than most people realize on the defensive side of the ball)

And now on to the Week One Picks… Head to Head against Roni Bryant - ProStar Media's NFL analysist

SAINTS (-5) over Vikings - Man I hate Thursday Night Football
GIANTS (-7) over the Panthers – Opening of the New Meadowlands? Why?
Packers (-3) over PHILLY – A-Rog is the Man in the Land of Cheese
Dolphins (-3) over BILLS – Miami breaks a 7-year losing streak in Buffalo – maybe
Falcons (-2) over the STEELERS – No Ben – No way
BEARS (-6) over the Lions – Figuring this even with 2 Cutler INT's
PATRIOTS (-4.5) over Bengals – One car accident trumps two reality stars
Colts (-2) over HOUSTON – A no-brainer – maybe – what about the Leinart factor?
TITANS (-6) over the Faiders – Where's JaMarcus Russel when you need him?
Broncos (+2.5) over JAGS – Jags running game turns stale – Tebow holds the clipboard
Browns (+2.5) over BUCS – Hoping this will make up for the LeBron slam
Niners (-3) over SEAHAWKS –The Pete Carrol factor gone bad
Cardinals (-4) over RAMS – Who doesn't love Derrick Anderson?
REDSKINS (+3.5) over Cowboys – Shanny pulls off a little old time Shanny magic

JETS (-2.5) over Ravens – J-E-T-S are still reeling in the spotlight of H-B-O
CHIEFS (+5) over Chargers – Just cause I can't stand Philip Rivers

Vikings (+5) Saints
GIANTS (-7) over the Panthers
PHILLY (+3) over Packers
BILLS (+3) over Dolphins
STEELERS (+2) over the Falcons
BEARS (-6) over the Lions
PATRIOTS (-4.5) over Bengals
Colts (-2) over HOUSTON
TITANS (-6) over the Raiders
Broncos (+2.5) over JAGS
Browns (+2.5) over BUCS
SEAHAWKS (+3) over Niners
Cardinals (-4) over RAMS
JETS (-2.5) over Ravens
Chargers (-5) over CHIEFS
Cowboys (-3.5) over REDSKINS

Schon: 7-7-2
Bryant: 5-9-2

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