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Wow – Orange Sunday, absolutely beautiful weather and the Broncos fans are geeked… exciting to see how amped everybody is at the opportunity to lay one out on New York. Not sold on the fact that it's going to happen – but it's makes for a great atmosphere anyway.

Wow – Orange Sunday, absolutely beautiful weather and the Broncos fans are geeked… exciting to see how amped everybody is at the opportunity to lay one out on New York. Not sold on the fact that it's going to happen – but it's makes for a great atmosphere anyway.

Here's your inactives - Brady Quinn 3rd QB, S Brian Dawkins, CB André Goodman, S Darcel McBath, LB Robert Ayers, LB Wesley Woodyard, OL Eric Olsen and OL Chris Clark….

Minutes from kickoff – raiding the buffet and enjoying the scenery in whatever section sits directly below the Press Box…

Be sure to refresh often for all the latest madness

1st Quarter
Unbelievably loud and the Jets fan it 3 and out on the initial drive – two near picks ignites it…Sanchez looks rattled and the Broncos hold strong.

Despite a huge return by Eddie Royal the Broncos fall flat and their next two series – first drive ends in Jets territory when Knowshon Moreno coughs it up and the second drive stalls at midfield on an incomplete pass – Sanchez is back for more…

Wouldn't you know it – Broncos with the pick and excellent field position at the New York 33 – And there's a Tebow sighting – two plays and the Broncos move it to the 10 to set it up for Prater. Paxton's snap resembles a bad bowling shot and it's become a comedy of errors… Jets take over on their own 23-yard line… Not a real sweet way to end in the red zone.

J-E-T-S are starting to move the chains but the Broncos D isn't giving up anything big – ok, too big – Sanchez across the field to Keller and they're in Denver territory chipping away at it…

First closes out a scoreless tie with NY starting to make some noise at the Denver 32.

2nd Quarter
So much for the tie – Sanchez connects with Braylon Edwards and New York grabs an early 7-0 lead – crowd got real quiet on that one – to make matters worse Champ Bailey is down and it doesn't look good - headed to the locker room. Broncos will start it on their own 20.

McD's mixing up the play calling and it works – Orton's got them across midfield – ANOTHER Tebow sighting… two-yards off tackle and it's back to Orton. Quick toss to Gaffney marks it at the Jets 5 and Tebow's back – out of the shotgun and he's off to the races – can't believe I just witnessed Tebow's first NFL touchdown – crowd is off the hook…

McD follows that up with an onside kick – Broncos recover first and ten from the 45.

Lot of razzle – but the dazzle doesn't pay – drive stalls at midfield – Jets will take it on their own 20.

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot – back to back offensive pass interference on the Jets – they're moving backward – drive stalls, New York punts and the Broncos get another shot from the 21.

Ok, that didn't work – drive actually comes up with negative yards – Colquitt hits it 58 and New York grabs another chance with just under 4:00 left in the half.

BTW - Champ's back - just had the wind knocked out of him.... Broncos Nation breathes a huge sigh of relief.

Sanchez is working the clock and moves it to the Denver 28 – BANG – Syd'Quan Thompson with the pick – second of the day for Denver – Orton and Co. will give it a shot with 39 seconds on the clock.

Orton keeps airing it – but no one keeps catching it – Prater is set form 59-yards out – NAILS IT… Crowd is back to crazy… Broncos take a 10-7 lead into the half… Wow

3rd Quarter
Most interesting first half stat – Broncos are leading the Jets in rushing yards 60-48… never saw it coming.

They're pulling it all out today – Broncos take the kick and Orton's got them rolling – thanks in part to a defensive pass interference call – ball is near midfield. Tebow's back – runs it up the middle and before you know it the Broncos are in Jets territory.

Ball advances to the 31 and they toss Prater out to give it a shot from the 49 – ten-yards closer than the one he hit to end the half. This one sails wide right and Denver walks away empty to start the second half.

Ball is brought back to the 39 and the Jets take over. DL Kevin Vickerson comes up lame – walks off under his own power – officially it's a groin injury and status is questionable… New York crosses midfield but it stalls on the 38 - Jets break out their specialist Nick Folk who drills it from 56-yards out... Good day for kickers I guess - Jets tie it at 10-10.

Gotta love a good scramble – Orton breaks it out on 3rd and seven and picks up nine… Back to Tebow for another six-yards and things keep moving – out of the shotgun on third and two - shot for Daniel Graham but it's flagged for offensive interference – brings up fourth down. Colquitt is set to punt – 45-yards to the Jets 19. Crowd needs more caffeine.

Just checked the stats – Broncos are over 100-yards on the ground at this stage.

Orton airs it for Lloyd – dude gets absolutely nailed on the sideline but holds on – flags fly – Jets SS Jim Leonhard gets tagged for roughness – tack 15-yards on to the play and the Broncos are sitting nice at the Jets 17. New York challenges – New York loses.

Two plays later Orton hits Demaryius Thomas in the corner of the end zone and you can add another seven for Denver – Broncos take a 17-10 lead with about a buck twenty left in the third.

Sanchez does his best volume control – hits Keller for a 41-yard gain and the Jets are down to the Denver 35. Santonio Holmes around left end picks up a quick 16-yards then coughs it up to Renaldo Hill – every once in a while things just seem to go your way… this could be one of those days – quarter comes to a close.

4th Quarter
Drive amounts to zip – but stopping the Jets with a fumble was HUGE… "D" again comes up large early in the fourth and forces a New York three and out… Back to Orton who starts it deep in Denver territory.

Rolling three and out but, on the positive side, they didn't turn it over – ball is back in Sanchez's court – this series could play out big…

Big enough for a New York seven – LT keeps it on the ground and we're back to a tie. This could come back to haunt them – 8:36 left on the clock.

Looks like Denver's taking this thing serious – Orton on a beautiful shot to Lloyd picks up 19 – follows up wth Moreno on the ground for 14 and we're just short of midfield. Looking at 3rd and 11 Orton busts loose with another scramble – good enough for 13 and the drive continues…

Under four on the clock – and it's a throw away on third and five – Prater's back and we no longer have a tie… Broncos hold 20-17 and it's up to the D to keep this one clean.

EXTREEEEEME NOISE – but Sanchez keeps them moving…drive started on the 20 and he's out to the 48 at the 2:00 minute warning – looking at 3rd and six just past midfield. Sanchex to Keller – IN-COM-PLETE – they're rolling on 4th – Sanchez lets it fly deep for Holmes – here comes the flags - Broncos get sacked with interference and the Jets are looking at a two-yard field.

Who else? It's LT up the middle and New York jumps on top 24-20 with a buck thirteen on the clock – Broncos play it safe and take it at the 20 – this should be wild…

Two plays and the Broncos advance to the 48 – Orton looks for Thomas – comes up empty – quick toss to Gaffney picks up a few they're forced to call time – play is under review… 42 seconds on the clock.

Play stands – and Orton's looking at 3rd and six – out of the shotgun snap goes sideways Orton can't bring it in and the Jets will run with this one 24-20. All it takes is a kneel.

Off to the locker room – News and Notes to follow….

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