Shanahan looks to next season

The yearly meeting of NFL owners and coaches is underway in Phoenix and Denver's Mike Shanahan had plenty to say about next year's team. Read about it in today's story links.

Griese's big bucks bad deal - Denver Post - Adam Schefter
Wednesday, March 26, 2003 - PHOENIX - Though Brian Griese could land with Dallas, Baltimore or Miami, Denver Broncos coach Mike Shanahan made it abundantly clear where Griese will not wind up. At the Broncos' minicamp.

Tackling big issues candidly - Denver Post - Adam Schefter
Wednesday, March 26, 2003 - PHOENIX - As Denver Broncos coach Mike Shanahan addressed reporters over breakfast at the NFL owners meetings Tuesday, an unexpected and uninvited guest pulled up a seat at his table.

Owners tinker with playoff officiating - Denver Post - Adam Schefter
Wednesday, March 26, 2003 - PHOENIX - Rather than using all-star officiating crews for the postseason, the NFL announced it will use officials who worked together during the regular season.

Shanahan aims to get back on course - Denver Post - Lynn DeBruin
March 26, 2003 - PHOENIX - Tanned and relaxed at the NFL's club owners meetings, Mike Shanahan hardly looked like a man who had just endured what admittedly was the toughest season of his coaching career.

Plan would keep referee teams intact - Denver Post - Lee Rasizer
March 26, 2003 - PHOENIX - The best teams won't be limited to the players on the field during the NFL postseason. At least that's the goal of a revamped officiating plan unveiled Tuesday at the league's club owners meetings.

Lincicome: We breathe easy: NFL Europe saved - Denver Post - Bernie Lincicome
March 26, 2003 - Whew. For a minute there I thought World Bowl XI was a goner. And that would have meant that the terrorists - or at least soccer - had won. Now, that's worth fighting for, the right of professional football, our most popular sport, to be ignored all over Europe, or in six cities anyhow, three of them in Germany.

League approves officials change - Daily Camera - Associated Press
PHOENIX — The officiating gaffes in last January's playoffs have produced a dramatic change in NFL policy. Postseason officials will now come from cohesive crews who spent the season together instead of those who were rated the highest at their positions.

NFL Europe season to proceed as planned - Daily Camera - Associated Press
March 25, 2003 - PHOENIX — NFL Europe is starting as planned, despite the war in Iraq. The developmental league's players and coaches will leave for Germany, Spain, Netherlands and Scotland this week after the 32 NFL owners decided overwhelmingly Monday to proceed as usual.

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