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Surprising amount of Raiders gear in the stands – although I will admit Oakland threads don't look half bad if you happen to be incredibly hot – wait a minute, where's my wallet?

Ok, so here we are - the 100th regular season matchup between the Denver Broncos and the Oakland Raiders and despite popular belief – I haven't covered them all. Missed a few in the late 60's during a mind warp.

This will make a few of you happy - Tim Tebow's rocking it as the second QB so don't be surprised if you see a Savior sighting over the next few hours – especially in the red zone. Here's the inactives if you're keeping track – Brady Quinn (3rd QB), S Brian Dawkins, CB Andre Goodman, S Darcel McBath, LB Robert Ayers, LB Wesley Woodyard, OL Eric Olsen and OL Chris Clark.

Surprising amount of Raiders gear in the stands – although I will admit Oakland threads don't look half bad if you happen to be incredibly hot – wait a minute, where's my wallet? Kickoff is set – Tebow's warming it up and the officials are heading over to wake Al Davis….

Be sure to refresh often for all the latest madness

1st Quarter
Oakland wins the toss and spends forever getting to midfield – JC (Jason Campbell not Jay Cutler) scrambles for 15 and they've got some life…inside Broncos territory Campbell hits a WIDE OPEN Zach Miller for the score. Wild – there wasn't anyone in the same area code when Miller caught it… Coverage blew - Raiders draw first blood 7-0.


Raiders draw second blood moments later – Orton from his own 20 tosses it out for Gaffney, but instead finds Oakland CB Chris Johnson who brings it back 30-yards for the score… 14-0 and most people haven't had time to finish their first beer – this is going to be a long day.

OUCH Part Two

Did I mention how bad Denver blows right now – Second offensive play of the day and it's another turnover – Demaryius Thomas coughs it up – Oakland gets a field the size of my living room and appears ready to nail it shut. McFadden on the ground and Raiders roll out at 21-0… absolute worst Broncos performance I've ever witnessed…

Panic mode – Orton and Co. make it to the Raiders 43-yard line, largely due to a Spencer Larsen 29-yard catch and run down the sidelines. From there it's once again downhill – 4th and one fails miserably and JC and the Raiders are more than happy to take over.

Can't wait to see how this drive turns out…

The gods must be smiling – seven plays, 44-yards later the Raiders walk away with only a field goal – whew, I was just starting to worry. Four-twenty left in the first and the Broncos trail it 24-0…

If you can't say anything nice… (pause, pause, pause) screw it – these guys stink right now – quarter closes to a chorus of boos – Raiders are inside the Broncos 10-yard line with first and goal.

2nd Quarter
Remember – glass half full… Raiders get flagged for holding and move it back 10-yards. End result doesn't matter – Campbell connects with McFadden – Jano splits the uprights and we're looking at a 31-0 Oakland lead.

Just checked the stats – Denver trails in every major category except suckage.

Bumbling and stumbling – Demaryius muffs the kick and the Broncos will start at their own 10. Three plays later they've advanced it six-yards – here comes Colquitt, can't believe how much fun I'm having.

Ok – here's a positive… Broncos defense tightens it up and stalls the Raiders at midfield – pretty sure this is where Denver makes its move. Don't give up now.

Ok, I take it back – give up, please give up… Two plays in and Orton fumbles on a scramble – three plays later and the Raiders deliver another punch to the package.

Wonder what kind of pep talk you have in the locker room to try and make up a 38 point lead?

"Come on guys – five touchdowns are we're right back in this thing."

Don't look now but Denver's quietly making a move… quietly in part because the fans are so disgusted the noise level resembles that of a hospital.

Here we go – moving up to library status – Orton scrambles and the ball is down to the Oakland seven. Out of the shotgun – to Moreno in the corner and the Broncos find a pulse… it pays to be positive I guess... 38-7 is certainly a better hole to dig out of than 38-0, right? First half comes to a close and fans get set to tighten the tourniquet. Headed to burn....

3rd Quarter
One minute twenty-six seconds in and Denver trims the lead to a mere 24 points. Orton rolls 64-yards and connects with Knowshon Moreno for the score – nice pep talk Mr. McD - you got ‘em right where you want ‘em.

Right where you want ‘em huh? Maybe not – JC keeps marching it and the Broncos are backpedaling. Third and goal and the Raiders push it to the one-yard line… They're going for it – oops – here comes confusion… Raiders call time and Denver gets the opportunity to ponder further embarrassment.

Marcel Reece off tackle – another quick seven and alcohol sales are nearing an all time record… Glad I'm here to witness it. Raiders on top by a mile 45-14.

Wait over – McFadden tight wires it 57-yards down the sideline and Oakland has surpassed the half a century mark – 52-14. Collective mass exit ensues.

Ever wonder what it's like to have a prostate exam in front of 70,000 of your closest friends? You might want to ask Josh McDaniel – Raiders bounce from the Broncos three and out and respond accordingly – Cassius Vaughn gets flagged for PI in the corner of the endzone and Michael (don't call me Reggie) Bush takes it in from the one… 59-14 Raiders lead – WOW…almost speechless.

4th Quarter
This must be what waiting for bail is like… people can't wait to get out of here – in other words, just like my last girlfriend. This is going to be the longest ten minutes and three seconds of my life.

This is comical – three shots, no advance and the ball is turned over on downs… I may be bleeding internally but at least we've reached the two-minute warning…. Headed to the locker room – this should be fun… Raiders take it 59-14.

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