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Broncos Insider Michael John Schon tackles all your questions on the team, it's players and the upcoming season

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What is your feeling on your team? Do you have any weaknesses that you foresee being a problem in the tough AFC West? Thanks.
- Denis
San Diego, Ca.

The major concern that I have heading into the season is with the defensive unit. Between coaching changes and salary cap hits, the biggest weakness looms in our abilitiy to stop the running and passing attacks of what will be a very strong division.

As far as the offense goes I think that the passing game should work well between Plummer, Rod Smith and Ed McCaffrey. The running game speaks for itself, and I expect Clinton Portis to have another stellar season.

Overall the Broncos stand a very good chance of contending for the top spot in the AFC West, but then again so do the San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders. Should prove to be a very interesting season.

What's with Jason Elam these days? Has his time come and gone?
- Darol
Jim Falls, Wisc.

I wouldn't write Jason off just yet. Admitedly he has struggled since breaking his back a few years ago, and the loss of long-time holder Tom Rouen didn't help matters, but as far as accuracy goes, he's one of the best. I'm sure the team will bring in someone to challenge him during camp, but with a new contract and sufficient rehabilitation time for his back, he will once again assume kickoff and field goal duties for the 2003 season.

Just joined the site a few days ago and enjoy looking at all the potential draft choices ahead of us. With the addition of Jake the Snake do you forsee Denver looking at any of the top rated quarterbacks in this year's draft?
- Mike
Golden, Co.

Even with Plummer locked in as the starter heading into camp, head coach Mike Shanahan conceded at the NFL owners meetings on Tuesday that he would consider taking a quarterback with one of his top picks, provided the right guy was available.

As to who "the right guy" is, Shanahan wouldn't comment, but suffice to say he hasn't been to lucky at the position since John Elway left, and he's not about to bet the farm on Jake just yet.

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