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Brisk November afternoon and it's a huge AFC West matchup – huge being the fact if the Denver Broncos tank on this one - it's all over… Game, Set and Match – get ready for next year. And in some cases – you might want to brush up on that resume.

Brisk November afternoon and it's a huge AFC West matchup – huge being the fact if the Denver Broncos tank on this one - it's all over… Game, Set and Match – get ready for next year. And in some cases – you might want to brush up on that resume.

Looking for McD to break out all the stops, but we'll see what happens – it's not like we've been disappointed before – but for the 70,000 or so headed in through the gates – we've been disappointed before.

Kickoff is set – the buffet line is growing faster than Oprah's chin and I'm pretty sure most of my pics are getting blown out of the water… man, I love Sundays.

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1st Quarter
What do you know - Orton and Co. come out firing – and it works… eight plays, 80-yards in less than three minutes and Denver draws first blood with a 17-yard toss to Moreno. Thinking about it – I can't remember the last time Denver scored a TD on their opening drive… rare occasions like this really pump the crowd – we'll see how long the party lasts. Either way it was nice to see them make a statement early…

KC comes out and tests the waters – still trying to comprehend how this team is 5-3 in the division. Cassal moves the chains but come up empty short of midfield… Broncos field the punt at their own 18.

Hey, this scoring in the first quarter idea seems to be catching on – too bad they hadn't thought of it earlier. Orton's on fire – nice mix of ground and air and they're carving it up. Nine plays and 82-yards later and the Broncos are looking at a sweet 14 point lead thanks to Brandon Lloyd and a six-yard reception.

Chiefs look shell shocked … (we've seen that look before here in Denver)

Putting it out for the Broncos "D" – Chiefs second drive of the afternoon produces jack – three and out and Denver looks to keep the music going. Crowd is really into this one – then again it's easy to have fun when your team actually accomplishes something. Right now they're having fun…

Third time and the charm continues thanks to a nice Eddie Royal return the Broncos get a short field at their own 47. Two plays later and it's Jabar Gaffney making the highlight reel with a spectacular diving catch in the end zone.

Three drives – three touchdown passes and even the media looks puzzled…

Chiefs challenge the catch – no such luck. In fact, no luck at all for the Chiefs – replay equipment is not working properly – when it rains it pours, and pours and pours. Quarter comes to a close with the Broncos holding a sweet 21-0 first quarter lead.

Have I ever typed that before?

2nd Quarter
Best KC field position all day and as the lack of luck would have it – Succop's field goal sails wide right. Starting to rethink my pick on this one… never saw it coming – Broncos take possession on their own 42.

Not sure if I mentioned it but Kyle Orton's my new best friend. Chains keep moving and KC keeps backpedaling. Ball advances to the Chiefs one-yard line, which naturally brings out Tebow Time.

Like anyone couldn't see this coming – savior on the scramble, untouched into the end zone and the madness continues 28-0. You couldn't have scripted this game any better.

It's reached the point that I'm actually starting to feel sorry for KC.

(Part Two) Have I ever typed that before?

Short sign of life – Chiefs are down to the Denver 8-yard line thanks in part to a Mario Hagan roughing call (wicked lay out on Jamaal Charles). Short lived – Hagan redeems himself with a Matt Cassel sack while Jason Hunter engrains himself in the community with a 75-yard fumble recovery for the score. Thirty-five to squat and we haven't even reached halftime.

Beer lines must be incredible at this point.

Here we go KC, here we go… complete embarrassment averted. Cassel lights the board with a nine play, 83-yard drive that pretty well seals the first half scoring for the AFC West leaders.

Or so I thought.

Denver takes one more stab in the closing seconds with Matt Prater from 58-yards out – kick falls short and is surprisingly returned by Chiefs SS Eric Berry. Surprising primarily because no one wearing a Broncos jersey gave it a second thought. Berry returns it 87-yards, getting tackled with one-second left on the clock… Chip shot for three and its back to back scores for the Chiefs – Broncos maintain at 35-10 as the quarter closes out.

3rd Quarter
Can KC keep the momentum of back-to-back scores rolling? Can Cassel catch fire and at least partially erase the facial they've endured over the past two quarters? Can they actually make a game out of it?

Apparently not.

Three and out gives way to ANOTHER Broncos touchdown drive – Ten plays, 60-yards and Tim Tebow grabs his very first NFL touchdown toss, albeit from 3-yards out.

We're only part way through the third and Denver's backup QB already has one rushing touchdown and one passing touchdown – Tebow Nation is alive and kicking with a 42-10 lead.

Chiefs respond with their best drive of the afternoon – unfortunately the result doesn't vary from most of their previous drives – Broncos "D" slams the door four straight times on the one-yard line and KC comes up empty. Broncos take possesion and are only 99-yards away from another possible score.

No such luck – even with the Messiah driving the boat. Three and out give way to an extremely short field for KC – who start their drive on the Denver 38. Four plays later it's Cassel out of the shotgun to Dwayne Bowe for the score – Chiefs trim the lead 42-17 and the third winds down to a close.

Wondering if it can get any colder here in the media room? Must be trying to cut back on the heating bill...

4th Quarter
Not quite sure where this Broncos team has been all year, but at least it's nice of them to show up now. Opening drive of the quarter finds my new BFF, Kyle Orton, hitting Brandon Lloyd in the corner of the end zone from 40-yards out. Play is ruled out of bounds but McD throws the challenge.

Somehow the replay equipment has been revived and the call is overturned – Broncos touchdown and the lead is back up to… uh… you figure it out, I lost count. I guess a 49-17 margin in favor of the Broncos will do that to you.

Gotta give them credit – KC doesn't quit, Cassel's running the gamble and the chains keep moving. Inside the Broncos red zone and Chris Chambers grabs his first touchdown catch of the contest. Two-point conversion falls flat and we're looking at a 49-23 Broncos lead with 6:54 remaining.

On-sides kick by the Chiefs works out perfectly – until they get flagged for an illegal formation. Re-kick and the Broncos will start from KC 42-yard line.

Wow – don't blink. Quickest possession all day – going through the motions it's three and out - giving it back to KC on their own 20 with just over five minutes remaining.

Chiefs' struggles continue – Fourth and fifteen from the 38 falls short and we've got a mass exodus toward warmer grounds. Wish I was smart enough to dress warmer - temperature's dropping like a prom dress. Broncos Nation is delirious – they'll hold on to this one for a while.

Garbage time– and wouldn't you know it… KC scores with ten ticks left. Two-point conversion comes up lame and my fingers are starting to go numb.

Counting it down – counting it down - and it's a final… finally. Broncos take the cake 49-29 and improve (?) to 3-6 for the year, which sadly isn't that bad in the AFC West. Headed to the Locker Room to build a bonfire…. Notes and Quotes to follow.

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