Strength and Conditioning begins today

The Denver Broncos open up their Strength and Conditioning camp today at Dove Valley, with all eyes on Jake Plummer

DENVER, Colo. –After one of the most disappointing seasons in recent memory, the Denver Broncos are anxious to get back to work, and while the primary focus will be individual strength and conditioning, eyes will be closely glued to the team's newest member, former Arizona Cardinal quarterback Jake Plummer.

The team, which begins its first off-season program today, has bankrolled its future on the one-time Arizona State star, looking to resurrect itself from the longest playoff drought in Mike Shanahan's history.

Whether Plummer is the answer remains to be seen, the mere fact they were willing to risk $40 million in itself gives clear direction that management was willing to do what's necessary, and what's necessary did not include Brian Griese.

In his Bronco tenure Griese alilenated fans, media and teammates alike, falling down stairs, down driveways, and in general, creating a clubhouse atmosphere that was, to say the very least, cancerous. This, on the heels of a new $39 million contract that included a record setting $12.6 million signing bonus.

"You have to make a decision about whether a guy warrants that type of contract", Shanahan told reporters at the NFL owners meetings earlier this week. "Is he productive to earn the money he is scheduled to? If you can't answer yes, then you have to move on."

And for now the Broncos are moving on, riding the heels of someone who many insiders regard as a highly talented, yet highly unsuccessful Jake Plummer.

"If you talk about his negatives, all I can say is that our quarterbacks, for the most part, have been fairly successful with their touchdown-to-interception ratio," Shanahan said. "I hope the supporting cast will help him. I hope our system will help him.

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