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It's one of those weird days – Thanksgiving hangover, cold weather, Spygate II, St. Louis Rams, a 3-7 record – whatever it is, there's about as much excitement here as a typical colonoscopy. Working my way toward a caffeine overdose just to try and spark things up.

It's one of those weird days – Thanksgiving hangover, cold weather, Spygate II, St. Louis Rams, a 3-7 record – whatever it is, there's about as much excitement here as a typical colonoscopy. Working my way toward a caffeine overdose just to try and spark things up.

Broncos inactives include Brady Quinn as the 3rd QB, CB Andre Goodman, RB Laurence Maroney, S Darcel McBath, OL Stanley Daniels, OL Eric Olsen, WR Demaryius Thomas and LB David Veikune….

Crank the heat in the Box – the Denver Broncos are on the field… Wonder why nobody ever sings in the Press Room?

Be sure to refresh for all the latest madness form Invesco Field

1st Quarter
Well, I guess we've all been here before – Broncos take the toss, start out like they're on fire and shake a quick seven on the board before your first beer is done.… Seven plays, 80-yards and there's actually a few smiles in the crowd.

Rams response falls flat but you still get the feeling this could spell trouble later on – Broncos field their second drive on their own 20.

McD's mixingit up nicely between air and ground – three plays later they're across midfield and looking to draw blood. Unfortunately St. Louis slams it on their own 35 and force Prater to make good from 49 – Broncos open up an early 10-0 lead with 7:24 in the first.

First sign of trouble – Rams pull out a sweet drive of their own, chewing up nearly six minutes in the process. Michael Hoomanawanui seals the deal connecting with a perfect toss from Sam Bradford from 36-yards out and the Rams pull within three at 10-7.

Quarter comes to a close with the Broncos once again creeping close to midfield…

2nd Quarter
Something tells me this might become standard as the game progresses – Semi-decent drive – hit the wall – Prater to the rescue. Such was the case on the last two possessions –still, they're holding it tight at 13-7.

Bowlen must be cutting back on the electrical bill – Press Box is freezing.

Not sure what the exact temperature is, but I swear I'm missing some body parts…

Rams have crossed midfield and are 32-yards away from taking the lead – like I said, this could be trouble. Bradford continues to chip away at it and the Broncos look confused – McD calls time with St. Louis facing 1st and ten from the 19 – let's see if it matters.

Evidentially not – Rams grab it on a 2-yard toss from Bradford to Billy Bajema and the crowd grows cold and quiet – St. Louis leads 14-13… my guess is the booing will commence shortly.

Guess is correct – three and out certainly didn't help – Rams get another shot.

I like this Bradford kid – for being a rookie he sure knows how to exploit a defense… at least the Broncos defense anyway. Another perfect strike to a wide open Bajema, and I mean wide open, Rams take a 20-13 lead after the missed PAT.

Boos continue to make their way onto the field and continue even louder as the team blows out another 3 and out…sadly pathetic…. How would you like to trade places with Pat Bowlen right now?

Creeping closer to the 2:00 warning and Bradford's got them across midfield again – first and ten from the 42.

Rams march it inside the 20 and get slammed – Josh Brown squares it from 28 and St. Louis holds a 23-13 lead with less than a buck left in the half.

Here comes Trouble Part Two - Eddie Royal fumbles the kickoff - Rams recover and get another shot to close out the half... Brown splits it again and in less than a minute the Rams have put up two field goals and take a 26-13 lead into the locker room.

First half closes to a chorus of BOOS... headed to burn one, despite the weather.

3rd Quarter
I'm officially beginning the Cut and Paste portion of the game – after the Rams folded on a three and out Denver did its best two and through with a Knowshon Moreno fumble, giving St. Louis a thirty-one yard field and a bucket of momentum. Bradford wastes little time – Darby untouched up the middle for the score – Rams blowing it out 33-13… Welcome to NFL Purgatory.

Maybe it's just a matter of how you respond to adversity – and when it comes to the Broncos, the response generally blows. No life, no spirit, no momentum and no progress… Two drives so far this quarter - one fumble, one punt. I've seen more inspiration during a root canal.

Brown finally tanks on a 35-yarder and the Broncos grab a decent field – only to find the quarter come to a close, trailing it by twenty - 33-13.

4th Quarter
Don't look now, but somebody noticed a pulse. Orton connects on a key second down shot - 41-yards down the right side to Brandon Lloyd and the lead is cut to 13 points with just over 14:00 remaining.

Not that anyone here really gives them a shot to come back in this one, but at least the embarrassment is somewhat lightened – at least at this stage… Keep in mind Bradford still has plenty of time to skewer the D backs before the day is done.

Ok, slight skewer – Bradford rolls it to the Broncos eight and Josh Brown grabs the easy chip shot for par. Lead increases 36-20 and the crowd is quietly making its way toward greener pastures.

Perfect night for massive alcohol and a fire place… neither of which I happen to have right now.

For a team that hasn't won a road game the entire year, St. Louis is making it look pretty easy.

Broncos find a little spark two drives later as Orton hits Eddie Royal from 16 out… Two-point conversion fails and Denver's cut it to a ten point difference with just under five minutes remaining… Rams hold tight 36-26.

Keep thinking to myself… stranger things have happened. Just can't quite remember when.

Clinging to life – Broncos convert on fourth and eight to cross midfield. Follow it up with a beautiful 38-yard shot to Eric Decker and before you know it Brandon Lloyd snakes in a 5-yard toss - Prater adds the point and we've got a ball game ladies and gentleman – well, kind of – Rams will take the kick with 2:35 on the clock and try to kill it at all costs.

You know what's coming here… onside kick – Prater sails it out of bounds but the Rams get flagged for batting the ball. Move it up ten and we'll kick it again… Oneside Part Two – Rams hold on and take possession just beyond the 40.

Broncos burn their final time out with 2:27 left – Rams are looking at second and six with the remaining faithful busting the noise. Hunter for a two-yard gain up the middle as the two-minute warning kicks off.

Denver "D" HOLDS – Rams are forced to punt – partially blocked by Bruton – rolls dead at the 34-yard line with a buck six left.

Orton to pass – flags fly – interference on the defense and illegal motion on the offense – pretty much a waste of time – replay first down.

Out of the shotgun Orton gets railed – second and sixteen with 36 seconds.

Incomplete to Daniel Graham – brings up third and sixteen.

Incomplete to Royal – they've got one last shot on fourth down.

Orton back to Royal for another INCOMPLETION and this one's in the books. Broncos drop to 3-8 with a 36-33 loss to the St. Louis Rams.

Firmly convinced we've reached a low point in franchise history – don't be surprised to see some changes – soon.

Notes and Quotes to follow

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