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So, here we are again – Kansas City in December - Revenge Game II. At least it's not freezing… Considering the Chiefs are undefeated at home this year, this one might be a little tough.

So, here we are again – Kansas City in December - Revenge Game II. At least it's not freezing… Considering the Chiefs are undefeated at home this year, this one might be a little tough..

Then again, the way the Broncos have been playing, St. Mary's Middle School might be a little tough,

Kickoff is set, buffet is going strong and I'm almost positive alcohol is going to be involved at some point down the line.

Be sure to refresh for all the latest madness…

1st Quarter
Pretty much a typical first drive for Denver – nice movement, nice mixture and absolutely no results. Orton got them past midfield but it flamed out inside the KC 30 with a Britton Colquitt punt – KC's steps up to the plate.

Colquitt traps it deep – Casselstarts it on his own 8 and finds little head room in the Broncos D – drive never finds the Chiefs 30 – decent defensive stand – Broncos should get some pretty good field position.

Doesn't help - Drive Two amounts to a painful three and out with a total gain of two-yards. Seems like you could just fall down and grab two-yards – Colquitt returns for more air time – KC takes it on their own 30.

One thing about Cassel – when he's hot he rips it and the Chiefs respond nicely. Chewing up 6:29 off the clock the six-year vet finds plenty of real estate. Eleven plays, 70-yards and the Chiefs rattle the scoreboard with a solid seven.

First closes out with the Chiefs faithful waiting for a response from Orton and Co. This could get LOUD…

2nd Quarter
Did I mention it gets loud here? Broncos roll it from their own 10 and face third and four from the 37. Orton out of the shotgun nearly gets it picked by Brandon Carr – drive stalls without a whimper and Colquitt returns for the third time of the afternoon – not a real good sign.

Flags fly – they're moving it back – Chiefs will start it on their own 10 thanks to offensive holding – Haley's got them pumped.

Broncos totally outoutgunned in total yards at this point, 113 – 51 and the madness continues. Cassel moves it inside the Broncos 40 where they promptly stall it on their own – Colquitt II (Chiefs punter Dustin Colquitt, Britton's brother) buries it deep and Denver will take it inside their own 10.

Are they really laying nine on this one?

Orton's banging it out – concentrating on the run they're moving the chains. Across midfield - give credit to Knowshon Moreno and the offensive line – they're pushing it hard – inside the 20 as we hit the two-minute warning.

Eighty-one yards for Moreno to this point – Broncos are staring down 4th and 3 from the KC eight and McDaniels plays it safe – Matt Prater nails the three and with a buck nineteen left on the clock Denver dusts off the scoreboard, trailing the Chiefs 7-3.

With under two minutes left Haley breaks out the hurry-up offense and slams it on Denver's secondary – fortunately for KC they've got more gaps than Michael Strahan's teeth - Succop's warming it on the sidelines as Cassel rolls it past midfield.

Succop down the middle from 47 – wait… they're bringing it back on a last second time out by McStrategy - he'll kick it again. Slightly off course but it squeezes through – Chiefs take a 10-3 lead into the locker room.

3rd Quarter
There's times when KC makes it look so simple – then again there's times they appear to enjoy shooting themselves in the foot – so much for this drive. After covering the entire field Cassel and Co. implode in the red zone and Mario Haggan seals the deal with 14-yard sack on 4th and two. Best defensive stand of the day.

Nice opportunity to grab the momentum – if Denver can handle it…

No such luck – Broncos roll three and out, but it was a nice idea.

KC follows up with some fluff of their own – game is turning sloppy – bad play, bad calls and bad penalties – don't be surprised if it gets chippy… KC maintains a 10-3 lead

First turnover of the afternoon comes courtesy of Justin Bannan who strips it – Haggan recovers and Denver faces another momentum changer… third winds down as Orton moves the chains to midfield.

4th Quarter
Orton's on a mission and Moreno busts it up the middle for 22 - nice line movement for a change – Moreno's got over 100 for the day. Broncos squeeze it down to the Chiefs 23 and decide to play it safe – Prater down the pipe and the lead is trimmed 10-6. A little over three quarters are in the books and Denver has managed TWO field goals the entire game… no wonder indifference is setting in.

Another garbage drive for KC and Denver's still in it – mediocrity has its benefits – Moreno busts it up the middle with an inside draw for 24-yards – Broncos best rushing game of the season.

Orton's got them down to the Chiefs 25 on second and 10 – flags fly – delay of game – totally inexcusable in crunch time. That's followed up with a massive hit from Chiefs OLB Tamba Hali and Orton coughs it up. Broncos drive stalls in a comedy of errors.

Don't you love it when it gets ugly? KC fails to capitalize on the turnover and it's back in McBungle's court. Just not for long – back to back one-hoppers by Orton and Colquitt's back out to clean up the mess.

At this stage KO's numbers are hitting 7/24 for 85-yards… simply pathetic for a starting QB in this league.

The thing that really blows is the fact I laid out nine and took KC in this one – must have been the alcohol – mental note: NEVER give up nine on a Cinderella team led by a guy named Cassel.

Broncos get it gift wrapped again – this time on their own 15. Shotgun to Lloyd nets a huge 18 – followed up with an incomplete, an 8-yard sack and solid effort by Moreno for thirteen, 4 –yards short of moving the chains. Lost count of how many blown opportunities the Broncos have had.

Back to KC – chewing up the clock – Broncos are out of time outs and we've got a buck fifty-four left. Just caught the replay of Barry Richardson's meltdown on the Chiefs sideline – that'll cost him.

Clock continues to roll – down to twenty seconds left with KC facing fourth and four from the 33 – Colquitt Part II nails it 59-yards, ball goes through the fingers of Eddie Royal – picked up by Perrish Cox who gets slammed in the end zone for the safety… Wow, that was sweet – Ok, bring it back, officials rule Cox down at the 8 – Broncos dodge a bullet (like it really matters).

Six seconds, 92-yards and it's all on the shoulders of Kyle Orton. Enough said, this one's in the books and Denver furthers it's hold on last place in the AFC West at 3-9.

Preparing myself for the ugliness to come.

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