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Broncos Insider Michael John Schon tackles all your questions on the team, it's players and the upcoming season. This week the buzz centers on newly signed quarterback Jake Plummer.

Welcome to another segment of "Ask the Insiders". This week our e-mail was were inundated with questions regarding Jake Plummer and his potential with the team. The excitement generated by his signing has been encouraging to some fans, while other still seem skeptical about his ability to lead a playoff team.

I was just wondering, how well do you think the Broncos can do with Jake Plummer leading the team. And also, I was wondering if you even think that "Jake the Snake" can lead the Broncos to the playoffs or even the Superbowl, thanks,
- Beau
Topsham, Maine

Well Beau, you've asked the million dollar question, forty million to be exact. While it's a bit too early to make a good evaluation of his on-field talent, one thing I can assure you is that his signing has made teammates extreemely optomistic about the upcoming season.

Jake is a good people person, and should fit right in with the likes of McCaffrey, Smith and Portis. If he's able to pick up on Shanahan's system fairly quick, the team should make a noticible improvement over last season. As far as the Super Bowl goes, I wouldn't make my reservations just yet.

Looking at the numbers I'm not that impressed with Plummer, what makes you think he'll do any better than Griese could with another year's experience?
- Toby
Evergreen, Co.

Toby, I think Brian was given more than enough time to prove his worth to the team, and unfortunately failed miserably. With the Broncos expectations as high as they are, Pat Bowlen and Mike Shanahan were not in a position to give him any more time to try and improve.

As far as Jake's numbers not being very impressive I have to agree with you. But keep in mind that the system in Arizona and the system in Denver are very different, and I expect his touchdown to interception ratio should take a dramatic turn with a vastly improved front line.

I love all the quotes I've heard from Jake since he signed with the team. He seems to be exactly what we've been looking for in the locker room, a leader that can help motivate and inspire others. What's your take on the situation?
Vista, CA.

For the first time in his career Plummer's in a situation that will give him the opportunity to play with a team that has some real potential, so naturally he's excited. He's got a gerat running game and a pair of outstanding wide receivers, not to mention a future Hall of Fame tight end in Shannon Sharpe. To me it's probably more a case of teammates motivating Plummer to be his best. Either way, the tension of the locker room should be gone after June 1st.

Michael, with the recent surgery on Ed McCaffrey and his expected rehab time of 2 – 3 months, do you think he can return to the lineup with the same type of drive and intensity that were used to seeing?
- Leo
Colorado Springs, Co.

Eddie Mac has proven himself to be the human equivilent of the energizer bunny. If a severly broken fibula didn't slow him down it's doubtful that this recent groin surgery will hamper his abilities to have a very productive 2003 season.

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