Studesville motivating players

Eric Studesville knows he's the stand-in. The players are aware of it, too.

But instead of going through the motions as the Broncos interim head coach, he's done a decent job of motivating the team as one of the most disappointing seasons in franchise history mercifully comes to a close with a game Sunday against San Diego.

"Coach Studesville is one of my favorite guys," linebacker Mario Haggan said. "We spent time together in Buffalo, and he had good preparation. He's taken good care of us over the last couple of weeks and it feels great to give him (a win), and hopefully that confidence will roll and we can put together one next week."

Studesville brings a palpable enthusiasm to his actions and words.

He's even had to navigate a budding quarterback controversy along the way.

But having never been a full-time offensive coordinator at any level, he not only doesn't bring the "wow" factor that Denver is demanding from its new coach but his resume is thinner than the organization would like in its long-term hire.

Give him this, though: Studesville's willingness to take the interim job after the Josh McDaniels mess was appreciated by the team's top executives.

And while there is likely a purge coming of the coaching staff, it would be a huge upset if Studesville is part of that reconfiguration process.

Denver is expected to name John Elway as a top personnel executive in the days after the season ends Sunday. Then the evaluation process begins for picking a new coach, reviewing the current staff's responsibilities and how they were carried forth.

Studesville doesn't appear to be sweating the future details much right now.

"That conversation hasn't been had," Studesville said as far back as his introductory press conference, relating to his future role. "That's not something for me to worry about. This is a tremendous opportunity for me right now ... That's my complete focus, is getting the football team ready to put our best product on the field."

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