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Ask the Insiders - Broncos Update reporter Michael John Schon tackles all your questions on the Denver Broncos.

Welcome to another edition of "Ask the Insiders". This week our readers voice their concers over the Broncos defense, the special teams kicking unit and whether or not being a fan plays into the coverage of a sports journalist.

Since John Elway drove the Broncos down the field and beat the Houston Oilers with a Treadwell FG...... That's how long I have been a fan.

Although I loved Greise back there I have always liked Jake Plummer since his days at Arizona State. His mobility and perfect fit for Shanahan version of the "west coast" offense should make him a Steve Young type for the team this year.

But my real question is, what are they looking to do on defense. They need pass rush, safeties, cornerbacks, and some big time leadership on defense. Pryce and Mobley are great guys but Romo gave them the fire. What are their defense plans for this team with no defensive coordinator as well as mediocre talent?
Kevin Brooks

Well Kevin, I think Larry Coyer will beg to differ with you. Coyer was named as the Broncos defensive coordinator on Jan. 20, 2003. And as far as mediocre talent, I guess it would depend on how you look at it. As a team, Denver finished sixth in the NFL for total defense, ranking them above Romo's Raiders, who coincidentally failed to make it into last seasons top ten.

I agree with you that there are areas that need improvement, most notably pass rushing and the secondary, but it's not as bleak as you might believe. Al Wilson is coming off his first Pro Bowl year; John Mobley continued his improvement and Ian Gold had perhaps his best year as a Bronco, earning a Pro Bowl berth on special teams.

The talent is there, and with Shanahan taking a more active role in defensive duties, I look for the team to make considerable improvements over last season.

In my opinion Micah Knorr has been a complete bust since coming here in Rouen's place. Does the team have any plans on bringing in someone else to fight for the punting/kickoff duties?
Phoenix, AZ.

At this point, there is nothing set in stone when it comes to who will be handling kickoffs and punts. Considering Knorr finished twenty-third in the league among NFL punters last season with a bleak 34.1-yard net average, you can bet that Denver will pursue any and all options in finding a more competent replacement. Ironically, the thin air of Mile High did not fare well with Knorr. During the seven games he played as a member of the Dallas Cowboys, his per punt average was over 35-yards.

First off let me say that I'm a die-hard Broncos fan. My question is whether or not you consider yourself to be a fan of the team or merely a reporter assigned to cover them objectively?
Englewood, CO.

Good question Lisa. Let me say that while working with the team over the past seven-years I have developed relationships with several of the players and coaches, which I value greatly. Personally I try to remain objective when it comes to my analysis of the team, but that is tempered with the fact that as Denver's success goes, so does my job as a sports reporter. Confusing enough for you?

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