Invesco plans to sue Denver Post

Invesco Funding Group has announced plans to sue the Denver Post and sports columnist Woody Paige, over an article that appeared in Sunday's paper.

Invesco Funds Group, owners of the naming rights to the new Denver Broncos stadium, have announced plans to sue the Denver Post and columnist Woody Paige, over an article that appeared in Sunday’s sports section.

In the article, Paige states that an Invesco executive told him that several people within the organization refer to the new stadium as "The Diaphragm", because of the similarities in shape.

The executive goes on to claim that many employees are unhappy about Invesco’s decision to purchase the naming rights to begin with.

"We thought it was a mistake. Too much money. Too little return. And too many people don't like it. But it's Mark's baby, and that's what he wanted."

Mark refers to Invesco chairman and CEO Mark Williamson, a man none-to-happy with Paige.

"Through this article, The Denver Post and Mr. Paige have impugned the reputation, character and values of Invesco Funds Group and its 850 employees," said Williamson.

Paige, a fixture among local sports columnists, spoke with Williamson prior to the articles publication, and quotes the CEO as saying "Regardless of what you were told, that's certainly not the way we think and, unequivocally, not the language we would use."

Denver Post editor, Glenn Guzzo, stands behind Paige and the article, citing "as indicated in Woody Paige's column, there is a witness to the conversation that Invesco says never took place.

"Mr. Paige has informed his editors of the Invesco executive's identity and was also given a business card by the executive. Mr. Williamson simply cannot know that 'no member of senior management has ever referred to the new stadium as was suggested, or heard anyone do so,' as the company's public-relations statement asserts."

Invesco officials would not disclose the amount of damages, nor a target date for the expected litigation.

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