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This week's questions range from future draft picks to Raiders owner Al Davis. Check out the latest edition of "Ask the Insiders"

Welcome to another edition of "Ask the Insiders". This week our readers voice their concerns over the Broncos offensive line, the team's major weaknesses heading into next season and whether or not Raiders owner Al Davis is truly insane.

The Bronco's seem to be content to wait until the summer cuts to sign further players. Are there any plans, players on the O-Line they look to add because they desperately need to upgrade their depth here, and I don't see them landing a starting caliber tackle in the first round. Maybe Hunter and Foster? Is Alex Gibbs coming back for another season?

Well Vik, one big question mark on the offensive line will be the return of starting center Tom Nalen. Nalen underwent major knee surgery Nov. 5 to fix a complete tear of his left anterior cruciate ligament, sidelining the nine-year veteran for the remainder of the season. During his absence the Broncos went a 4-5, as Ben Hamilton moved into the starting lineup.

With Nalen's return, Denver should show considerable improvement in both run and pass coverage, yet I still expect them to look to the draft to try and upgrade for next season. Hunter and Foster are possibilities, but, if he's available I think that Eric Steinbach from Iowa may be a better prospect, but you should take the time to check out our 2003 NFL Draft Prospects for all the latest info.

As far as Alex Gibbs goes, yes he will be back this season.

What do you feel is the weakest area in this year's team, and with a change at quarterback and the return of some of the injured players do you think we'll improve over last year's disappointing season?
Pueblo, CO.

To me the area that needs the most work would be the defensive line and the defensive secondary. The addition of Plummer helped secure the offense, but on the other side of the ball there are still some serious question marks.

Hopefully by the time training camp comes around those questions will be answered, either through the draft or free agency. All in all I really do expect Denver to have a much better season than last year.

I recently heard that Raiders owner Al Davis was trying to prevent
Tampa Bay and Jacksonville from wearing their regular road uniforms when they play in California. I know you're not a real big fan of Davis and was just wondering what you thought of his latest move? Dave,
Modesto, Ca.

Nothing ever surprises me when it comes to Al Davis, and this is no exception. I'm sure a lot of it stems from his getting blown out by Jon Gruden in last year's Super Bowl. Needless to say, his antics are somewhat entertaining. Kind of like the drunk uncle no one talks about.

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