Von Miller Conference Call

Von Miller speaks with the Denver media immediately following his selection as the NFL's Second Overall Pick - check out the full transcript

On getting emotional when getting a call from the Broncos
"I talked to (General Manager Brian) Xanders I was watching my phone, and my phone wasn't ringing I looked over to my dad's phone, and they had called my dad I saw a 303 (area code) number, and I knew immediately who it was I just had flashbacks to all the hard work that I've been putting in ever since little league football, all the people who told me, ‘No,' and every time that everybody said I couldn't do it I just had that flashback I was just extremely anxious for my opportunity to go up to the league and prove myself "

On hearing news he would go to Denver
"I had not really been paying attention to any of that It was always a surprise to me You hear stuff I got all the stuff from my agent, and he told me a lot of stuff He told me the night before that Denver was going to pick me, but in the draft you know everybody lies I was just extremely excited to get this opportunity "

On DE Elvis Dumervil
"I know a lot about Elvis Dumervil When I was in high school, it was people saying that it was Elvis Dumervil who opened it up for smaller guys to come off the edge I know a lot about Elvis Dumervil I'm excited that he's back, injury free, and I'm just glad to be a teammate "

On playing in a 4-3 instead of a 3-4
"I think I'm going to adjust pretty well At the end of the day, when the ball is snapped, it's all about shedding blocks and making tackles When I get there I'm going to be extremely excited, extremely anxious to go play football "

On meeting with the Broncos multiple times
"I had a workout with the Broncos I had lunch and dinner They had a meeting out there at the facility, Dove (Valley) I'm just extremely excited to get there "

On covering running backs and tight ends
"I've always covered running backs and tight ends, and I've always dropped back into coverage It was just my role on the Texas A&M team to get after the quarterback, where they needed me most, so on third downs I was always in a rush If you put on the film, I think I was playing quite a bit, and I can drop back in coverage and cover a slot receiver, cover the No 1 receiver and get on those running backs "

On playing as a down lineman
"I'm extremely comfortable I'm just anxious to prove myself I can show you better than I can tell you "

On being in New York with Commissioner Roger Goodell
"It was great to be here (in New York) I've never had anything against Roger Goodell I just want to make sure football continues to get played When I walked across the stage, I was meeting the commissioner, and that was it The whole reason why I got into this whole thing was not because of notoriety or for publicity I got into this thing to represent the guys who came before me and broke their backs I just wanted to make sure football continues to get played "

On playing for Texas A&M Head Coach Mike Sherman
"It was an extreme blessing My teammates and everybody at Texas A&M, we all had the upper hand having a guy with his expertise and his point of view about how to make it to the NFL and how to be a pro We ran our team like a pro team, and it was great "

On playing against Colorado OL Nate Solder at the Senior Bowl
"Nate Solder, he's an extremely talented guy Whenever I go up against any guy, I'm going to try my best to get to the quarterback, and I'm going to try my best to get from point A to point B so I'm not really worried about the tackle I can't even look (laughs) "

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