Story links for Sunday, June 29

Denver Broncos' strength and conditioning coach Rich Tuten has designed a workout device that leaves the players gasping. Read about it in today's story links.

'Sled' no toy for Broncos - Denver Post - John Marshall, The Associated Press
Sunday, June 29, 2003 - Defensive lineman Lional Dalton's massive legs churn as starts his turn pushing the sled. By the end of the trip, he's practically crawling and appears to be too tired to even lift his head.

Davis cries foul over empty seats - Denver Post - Patrick Saunders
Sunday, June 29, 2003 - Broncos fans - and heck, most of the NFL - consider him the Prince of Darkness. With his slicked-back hair, white jump suits and granny glasses on a chain, Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis has long been the man Colorado folks have loved to hate.

Ask the Broncos: Middlebrooks' Status - - Andrew Mason
June 27, 2003 - This week's mailbag sees questions about Broncos new and old ... I'm a big fan of the Denver Broncos; they drafted one of my brothers and cousin's friends -- Willie Middlebrooks. I've been wondering why he doesn't get any real kind of playing time. I mean, whats up with that?

Size Irrelevant for Speedy Griffin - - Andrew Mason
June 26, 2003 - The platitudes regarding success even with a lack of physical height have been used so often in the sports vernacular, they have passed beyond being mere clichés to being almost accepted as fact.

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