Hasselbach says goodbye

Seven-year veteran Harald Hasselbach has asked for and been granted his release from the Denver Broncos.

That uneasy feeling in the pit of Harald Hasselbach's stomach began last winter when the Broncos signed Baltimore's free-agent defensive end Keith Washington. It continued in April when the team drafted defensive ends Paul Toviessi and Reggie Hayward in the second and third rounds.

Training camp only served to enhance the situation, as the seven-year veteran watched his name fall further and further into the depths of oblivion on the teams' official depth chart.

Realizing his best move was, in fact, to make one, Harald Hasselbach asked for and was granted his release from the Denver Broncos,

I feel good about my career with the Broncos," said Hasselbach, "I would have liked to have retired a Bronco, but it's out of my control. I know they're going to have a great team with or without me, but it's best for me to move on."

Hasselbach, starting defensive end in Super Bowl XXXIII, never missed a game during his seven years with the Broncos, despite a near career-ending eye injury in 1999.

The injury, an errant finger in the eye by San Diego Chargers offensive tackle John Jackson, left Hasselbach with a shattered orbital bone on the left side of his face, and double vision, a problem that persist to this day.

While there may not be an open roster spot in Denver, Hasselbach believes that there are teams that could benefit from his experience and tenacity, including the Kansas City Chiefs, who have become a haven for unwanted Broncos since the hiring of former defensive coordinator Greg Robinson.

"I still want to play and I still have something to offer," said the thirty-three year old Hasselbach.

Gracious to the end, his contributions, both on and off the field, will be sorely missed by those within the Denver community.

The publisher and staff of the Broncos Update wish Harald continued success, and humbly thank him for all the respect and consideration he has shown over the past seven years

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