Broncos Film Review: Week One

Join Editor-in-Chief Luc Polglaze as he breaks down the game tape of each and every Broncos TD this season. First up? The Colts.

This season, each and every week, I will bring you a film review article, exclusively for Mile High Huddle. Every touchdown that the Broncos score will be broken down for you. Here. On Mile High Huddle.

First, an explanation of my film schematics. The red arrows indicate routes or movement, coverage (as best I see it) will be indicated in squares. Blitzers will have green lines. The scorer’s name is underlined in yellow. Personnel are on the side in white. Once the play begins, I’ll circle things in yellow to bring your attention to them and players’ lines of sight will be in pink. The explanation of routes can be found here:

All this terminology and diagramming will be fairly clear when you see a play broken down. I list the TD# in game (with season-long numbers in parentheses).

TD 1 (1): 3 yard Julius Thomas pass

Third and goal sees the Broncos on the Indianapolis 3. The Broncos run straightforward goal line routes. There’s no rubbing or anything, just mano-a-mano football.

Julius Thomas is the inside receiver to Manning’s left. He’ll run a slant at the goal line. Note: although Andre Caldwell drew a flag for holding here, it just as easily could have been called against Emmanuel Sanders’ man, Vontae Davis. Sanders gets absolutely mugged to the back of the end zone.

Colts DT Cory Redding owns LG Orlando Franklin on the rush with a nice arm-over move. Manning throws a quick strike to Thomas and nets the 6 points.

TD 2 (2): 35 yard Julius Thomas pass

The Colts are in a Cover 1 defense here. Note that Demaryius Thomas is not on the field for the Broncos. Caldwell and Sanders clear the defenders away from the left sideline and leave it open for Julius and Montee Ball on a levels-type concept. Playaction for Manning here, holding the LBs that extra moment. He doesn’t even need it as he has all day to throw.

Extra kudos are due to Caldwell for holding a block for Thomas into the end zone.

Equally impressive? TE Virgil Green’s pass blocking against LB Erik Walden on the right of the video. It's nice to have a backup TE with pass blocking skills such as these.

TD 3 (3): 5 yard Julius Thomas pass

Second and goal at the 5 for the Broncos. Virgil Green is split out wide left with Caldwell and Sanders inside of him. Julius Thomas is isolated right with LaRon Landry on him. Again, no Demaryius on the field for this snap. It’s about as easy as it gets, folks. A throw right off the snap.

TD 4 (4): 2 yard Montee Ball run

This run is designed to go in the RG-C gap. Ball doesn’t like that, so he bounces left. Nothing there either, so he squeezes all the way outside and dives in for the score. Great running by Ball here, nothing else to it.

Thanks for reading! Check back each and every week for another film review of the Broncos’ TDs.

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