Denver Broncos Week 5 Predictions

The Broncos are done with their bye week. Now, it is time to get ready to take on the Arizona Cardinals. Fortunately, the Broncos are at home in this one. With the game just a short time away, MHH Analyst Erick Trickel gives his predictions. Photo by: Otto Greule Jr. Getty Images.

The bye week is done and over with. It is back to football for the Denver Broncos. The Arizona Cardinals are a tough team to face, even at home. They were the last team to go into Seattle and win; even with their quarterback throwing four interceptions. This will be a tough, physical game for the Broncos. They showed they can play that way this year in their loss to Seattle. Without further ado, its time for the predictions.

The Broncos run for over 100 yards.

The Broncos run game struggles are well cataloged. With the Broncos coming off their bye week, their run game should be improved. Why? Because that should have been their focus of the bye week. The offense can be one dimensional and be successful like last year. It is time to get it fixed and who better to do so against the one of the best run defenses in the NFL?

The Broncos sack the Cardinals QB 4 times.

The Broncos pass rush has been great. They have consistently applied pressure. On the other side, the Cardinals offensive line has done a solid job protecting their QB. One of the two has to give and lose this battle. With Danny Trevathan healthy, providing some more blitzing opportunities, going to go with the Broncos pass rush.

Peyton Manning isn’t sacked once.

Not only do the Cardinals have a great run defense, they also have a great pass defense. They are able to generate pressure on the QB, which forces mistakes. Denver answers the call. They keep Manning protected and off the ground all game long.

The Broncos don’t allow a non-offensive touchdown.

Part of what makes the Cardinals such a good team is their ability to force mistakes on defense and capitalize off them. This game, they won’t. No pick-six, no fumble return for a touchdown from the Cardinals defense. This also includes no returns for a touchdown either, which is something the Cardinals are a threat to do.

BOLD PREDICTION: Peyton Manning throws for over 400 yards.

The passing defense of the Cardinals is really good and really underrated. They do rank 18th in the NFL for passing yards per game, but their performance is better than that leads one to believe. The most passing yards they allowed was to Eli Manning with 277 yards. It is no easy feat on this defense, which is why it is a bold prediction.

BOLD PREDICTION: The Broncos defense score 2 touchdowns.

Instead of relying just on the offense to put points on the board, the Broncos defense helps them out. They manage to force two turnovers that they turn into a score for the Broncos.

SCORE PREDICTION: Broncos 24 Cardinals 17

This will be the most points the Cardinals have allowed all season. Their highest so far is 17 points to the San Diego Chargers. On the other side, the Broncos have score 24 or more points twice, the exception being their loss to Seattle when they scored 20. 24 is the Broncos magic number, if they can put that many points on the board, more often than not they come away with the win.

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