Broncos Film Review: Week Ten

The Denver Broncos defeated the Oakland Raiders on the back of 5 TD passes from Peyton Manning. Here is the film review of those scores!

This season, each and every week, I will bring you a film review article, exclusively for Mile High Huddle. Every touchdown that the Broncos score will be broken down for you. Here. On Mile High Huddle.

The explanation of routes can be found here:

All this terminology and diagramming will be fairly clear when you see a play broken down. I list the TD# in game.

All images from NFL Game Rewind.

TD 1: 51 yard C.J. Anderson pass

The Broncos face a third and 8 here after the Bradley Roby interception. LG Orlando Franklin gets absolutely demolished off the line by DT Antonio Smith (#94). This free rusher causes Manning to have to check the ball down to C.J. Anderson out of the backfield. It’s not even a clean option, as Anderson is well covered by LB Miles Burris (#56) after the flare route. However, Anderson just takes it and does the rest.

This TD is all on Anderson. Manning was rushed and rattled, and dumped it down to Anderson, who made a lot from nothing.

TD 2: 32 yard Emmanuel Sanders pass

The Broncos are running their 2-minute drill here. Simple 3 go routes for the Broncos, and Manning targets Sanders. Of note is the Khalil Mack-Ryan Clady matchup. Although Clady “wins,” Mack gains so much real estate on the rush. A very fun matchup.

Sanders runs a go route against D.J. Hayden (#25), who commits the cardinal zone error of letting the receiver get to the sideline. It’s Cover 2, so he has help from FS Larry Asante (#42) inside, but Hayden allows Sanders to get behind him on the sideline. At that point, with the speed of Sanders, it’s over.

TD 3: 10 yard Julius Thomas pass

The Raiders bring a double A gap blitz with six rushers.

Is this a completely legal pick play? I don’t think so. Emmanuel Sanders impedes D.J. Hayden about the 6, four yards downfield from the line of scrimmage. It could have been called as offensive pass interference, but it wasn’t.

The Broncos just give Julius the ball in space, and he runs over S Charles Woodson (#24) on his way into the end zone.

TD 4: 32 yard Julius Thomas pass

On a 4th and 1, the Broncos rush to the line and snap the ball quickly. It’s a playaction sweep left to Ronnie Hillman. The fake sucks FS Asante down into the box and leaves the deep field wide open. Julius Thomas fakes the edge block and leaks out. Woodson tries to recover and jumps to bat away the ball, but Thomas makes the catch and goes for the score.

TD 5: 15 yard Emmanuel Sanders pass

The Raiders are running Cover 2 zone here. Sanders splits the safeties and finds the sweet spot in the center of the field. Woodson cheated too far over to the near sideline and allows Sanders to score. LB Burris should have been able to release Sanders in the zone, but it just didn’t work out. Easy score on a textbook Cover 2 beater.

That's all for this week! Check back in next week and find out how the Broncos put points on the board.

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