Report: Rahim Moore On His Way Out In Denver

According to a report, safety Rahim Moore may be on his way out in Denver and a likely replacement is already under contract with the Broncos. That replacement may not be who you think. MHH Analyst Erick Trickel is here to break it down.

According to a report made by Brandon Spano on his Denver Radio show this morning, Rahim Moore is on his way out of Dove Valley. Of course, Spano also stated that there is a chance the Broncos keep him, as long as it is on a veteran minimum deal. Moore is set to be an unrestricted free agent. Spano also revealed a player already on the roster, whom the Broncos have approached about taking over that position from Moore.

In the same report it was stated that Moore was weighing in at 180 pounds this past season for the Broncos. Most of the media and fans thought he was around the 200 pound mark. Those 20 pounds add up and explain a lot about Moore’s play this past season, especially the 12 missed tackles.

According to Pro Football Focus, Rahim Moore was the No. 31 safety out of 59. He also had a 101.1 NFL rating when targeted in coverage, 19th worst among safeties. Moore also allowed 77.3% of passes thrown his way to be completed.

His run defense was bad, and it shows in his 1.9 run stop percentage, tied No. 40 out of 54. Part of the problem was Moore’s unwillingness to get involved in run plays and instead, he avoided contact.

Remember those 12 missed tackles? That led to a 5.0 tackling efficiency. That means, for every 5 successful tackles, Moore missed one. The higher this number the better. Moore was tied No. 57 out of 63 safeties.

Moore really did not put up a good year, except for netting four interceptions. Stats never tell the whole story, even the more advanced statistical measurements that teams find themselves using more and more. With Moore, such metrics do not show the bad angles he consistently took, nor the lack of physicality to come out of his 180 pound body.

With all of that, it makes sense the Broncos are ready and willing to move on from the former second round pick, and that does not include previous years. Moore was benched his rookie season, played solid his second and then got hurt in his third season. He simply hasn't shown the growth as a player to keep him around for much more than a minimum-like contract.

Now, as I said, Spano did mention a player already under contract who has been asked by the Broncos to potentially take over for Moore. This player requires a position change, so it is not David Bruton, who played incredibly well as the season went on. This player is a former third round pick who has been unable to crack playing time at his current positon. It is, Kayvon Webster.

In his rookie year, Webster played a lot at cornerback, due to injuries. Webster perform really well, until he got hurt later in the season. The highlight of his rookie year was his showing against the Dallas Cowboys, where he was primarily matched up on Dez Bryant.

Bryant ended the game with six catches for 141 yards and two touchdowns, but only one catch for 12 yards came when he was matched up on Webster. Webster shut Bryant down and Bryant was only a factor after he was matched up with another Broncos defensive back.

Some may be concerned with Webster’s size and speed for the safety position, but according to Spano, Webster is the same height as Moore, but weighs 195 pounds, which is more prototypical for the safety position. As for speed, Spano states that the Broncos think Webster to be faster than Moore. He also mentions that he asked a player about it who said, “Webster is way faster than Rahim.”

Spano also states that they, the Broncos, believe Webster to be a more physical player, which, when you turn on film of Moore and Webster, you can clearly see. Webster is a very physical player.

The transition from cornerback to safety does not always work, but with Webster being fourth on the totem pole, it is worth trying him out there. Webster is stuck behind Chris Harris, Aqib Talib and Bradley Roby, and Webster being a third round pick, is just wasting away on the pine. Trying Webster out as a safety makes a ton of sense, especially if the Broncos believe him to be better equipped for the position.

It is a low-risk, high-reward situation moving Webster. If during training camp he isn’t cutting it, they can simply move him back to cornerback as depth. If he succeeds, it fills a position the Broncos need.

The Broncos seem set on giving Webster a look, but it is on him to make the most of it.

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