Finding Broncos: Chris Bonner, QB

In the latest edition of Finding Broncos, MHH Analyst Erick Trickel takes a look at small school CSU-Pueblo’s quarterback Chris Bonner. Bonner is a very interesting quarterback prospect.

Chris Bonner, Quarterback, Colorado State University- Pueblo


Height: 6-foot-7

Weight: 231 pounds

Arm length: N/A

Hand size: N/A

NFL Combine Results: N/A. Was not invited.

Pro Day Results: N/A.

College stats:

2014: 258/461 (55.9%) | 3291 Yards | 30 TDs, 8 INTs (15 Games)

2013: 225/374 (60.2%) | 3413 Yards | 33 TDs, 9 INTs


Chris Bonner has above average size for a quarterback, enabling him to see the whole field. He has a really high football IQ and operated in a complicated offense in college—an offense more complicated than most quarterbacks in this draft have operated.

No matter what, Bonner keeps his eyes up-field looking for his target. With a strong cannon-arm, he's also able to put great touch on his passes. He moves excellently in the pocket, especially when climbing to avoid pressure he senses from the edge.

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He rolls out very well and has a good arm to make the throw while rolling out. He's incredibly tough, and will take all kinds of hits and bounce back up immediately.


He needs to work on his footwork, especially when driving the throw and the wind up. He gets unbalanced during his wind up and delivery, which is partly due to his footwork. He's a little slow in his drop back and betrays his receivers too often but throwing them into contact.

He has to bulk up. He has good size and frame, but needs more bulk on it. He also played against weaker competition than most of the other quarterbacks in this draft.

How he fits with the Denver Broncos

Chris Bonner is a big quarterback in the mold of Ben Roethlisberger. He has that big frame and a strong arm, which teams continue to look for, despite the recent success of smaller, more mobile quarterbacks. However, even at his size, Bonner is still quite mobile.

He is bigger than John Elway was, but their styles of play are very similar. Bonner moves around like Elway did and slings the ball like he did. That doesn’t mean he will have a career like Elway, only that he plays like him.

Bonner played at a smaller school, but he put together a great college career. Had he gone to a bigger school than Colorado State-Pueblo and performed like he did, he would be getting talked about in the first three rounds, not as a late-six or seven rounder, as he is.

When I watched film on Bonner, I was strongly intrigued. He showed he has all the tools you want in a quarterback. To me, he even had the “it” factor, which many quarterbacks don’t coming out of college.

He would be a great fit with the Broncos. In the offense that Gary Kubiak runs, Joe Flacco saw great success, as did John Elway. It is also similar to the offense the Pittsburgh Steelers have used with Big Ben at quarterback. These are all quarterbacks that Bonner is comparable to in one form or another. In fact, bits of Bonner's games are the same as theirs.

As a late-round quarterback, Bonner would bring competition to the depth at the position behind Peyton Manning. Brock Osweiler would still likely be the No. 2 quarterback, but there is a long shot he could be unseated, if Bonner blows the coaches away.

However, the biggest competition would be between Bonner and Zac Dysert. One would likely end up on the practice squad, while the other as the third quarterback on the 53-man roster.

I do not lightly say late-round or undrafted quarterbacks can potentially follow what Tom Brady or Tony Romo have accomplished in the NFL, however, with Chris Bonner, I think he could, so long as he goes to the right system. Chris Bonner is loaded with talent, and if any set of coaches can put it all together they are Gregg Knapp, Rick Dennison and Gary Kubiak.

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