Kennison Arrested

Denver Broncos wide receiver Eddie Kennison was arrested at a Baton Rouge, LA. nightclub on Sunday, after security guards summond police when the former LSU star refused to leave.

Dever Broncos wide receiver Eddie Kennison, the first Bronco to catch a touchdown pass at Invesco Field, was arrested and charged with three misdemeanors early Sunday after a dispute with a security guard at a Baton Rouge, La., nightclub.

According to police, Kennison was charged with inciting to riot after refusing to leave the club's property. Security officials claim that Kennison, who arrived at the club shortly after midnight, was told that he and his friends had to leave because their clothes didn't match the club's dress code policy.

When the former L.S.U. star did not immediately leave, security guards pulled a handgun and summoned police.

Once arrested, Kennison was detained for over three hours at the Baton Rouge Police precinct, spending the majority of his time locked in a holding cell.

"They wrongfully abused their rights as policemen," he said.

The arrest may also prevent Kennison from returning to Denver in time for Monday's practice session, something that will certainly not sit well with head coach Mike Shanahan.

"It will cost him a lot of money, but hopefully, for his sake, he'll be back here on time," Shanahan told the Denver Post. "I don't know the particulars, so I hate to comment."

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