Rivers More 'Approachable' Than Manning?

Former Denver Broncos offensive lineman Orlando Franklin had some not so flattering things to say about his former quarterback.

To an outsider, it would seem as though former Denver Broncos offensive lineman Orlando Franklin harbors some ill will for his former organization, namely his quarterback, Peyton Manning.

Franklin, who joined the San Diego Chargers this past March as a free agent, after four seasons with the Broncos, compared Rivers to Peyton Manning in a Wednesday interview with Paul Burmeister of NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk.

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“One thing I noticed immediately when I got here is that Philip Rivers is definitely more approachable than Peyton,” Franklin said. “I don't know if it was because I was a lot younger being that I met Peyton in my second season and now meeting Phillip going into my fifth season but definitely I will say Phillip is more approachable than Peyton.”

Franklin made it clear that the Broncos did not attempt to re-sign him this offseason, so it is plausible that there is some "bad blood" left over from the split. The Broncos could certainly use him right now, after the Ryan Clady news.

Manning has been significantly older than the rest of the Broncos roster during his time in Denver, so his relationship with teammates is rumored to be similar to a player-coach relationship at this point of his career.

However, as a Bronco, Manning is 5-1 in the regular season vs. Rivers and 1-0 in the postseason, so we doubt he's losing too much sleep over Franklin's comments.

The recent in-division roster moves are sure to spice up the rivalry between the two teams.

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