Denver Broncos Camp Battles To Watch: QB

In his latest camp battle to watch, MHH Analyst Erick Trickel looks at a position of the utmost importance.

The Denver Broncos have the top portion of their depth chart set at just about every position throughout the roster. So, most of the battles are coming from the bottom of each group.

Today, we'll take a look at another battle—one that is vital to the success of the team. That position is the third quarterback. Now, obviously, the third QB being inactive for every game, unless an injury occurs, is clearly vital. How they hold the clipboard on the sideline has such an impact on the outcome of the game, right?

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Now to get serious. The third quarterback isn’t the best position to be in and as mentioned in my levity, the QB3 won’t be active for a game unless an injury occurs. However, there is still a battle coming in training camp for the spot and it's been requested that I look into it.

The first two quarterbacks have their spots set. Peyton Manning will be the starter, with Brock Osweiler sitting behind him as the backup. Then you have two players competing for one spot. Of course, there is a chance that the Broncos may not carry three quarterbacks and instead opt for only two, though I find that to be unlikely.

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The two competing for the spot are both former seventh round picks, Zac Dysert from 2013 draft and Trevor Siemian from this year's draft. As things stand right now, Dysert holds the spot, but Siemian has been limited throughout offseason activities, due to recovering from an ACL injury. When Siemian gets healthy, is when the battle really starts and will play a big role as to whether he has a chance to win it or not.

If Siemian is unable to fully participate in practice until later in training camp, then he has little to no shot of unseating Dysert. He wouldn’t have enough time to get familiar with the players around him or to the speed of the NFL game.

However, if his recovery comes towards the start of training camp, he will have time to get all of that down and really compete for the spot, and in my opinion come away with it when the roster gets finalized.

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Both quarterbacks fit the system, although Siemian is a slightly better fit. They're both really even. The only edge Dysert gets, is having been with the team for two years already, although both were under a different coaching staff. However, those two years working under Manning are still valuable.

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On the off chance the Broncos only carry two quarterbacks, I expect Dysert to land on the practice squad, if he clears waivers. As for Siemian, don't be surprised if he suffers a "setback" and lands on injured reserve, keeping him off the practice squad, but also away from other potentially interested teams.

As I said previously, I doubt they go with only two and will keep a third. My thoughts on who gets it really is a toss up and so dependent on the health of Simian. If he comes back towards the start of training camp, I am going to go with him and Dysert on the practice squad, should he clear waivers. If Siemian gets healthy towards the end of training camp, the spot is Dysert’s and Siemian lands on the practice squad or injured reserve.

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