Von Miller Released From NFL Drug Program

Von Miller has cause to celebrate. After two years of random drug testing, a clean Von Miller has been dismissed from the NFL drug program.

Two years ago, Denver Broncos fans were talking about how reckless and irresponsible Von Miller was. This was no franchise cornerstone. This was no role model. He isn't worth a big contract.

After two years of random mandatory drug testing, a clean Von Miller has been dismissed from the NFL drug program, according to 9News' Mike Klis. The player who is known for his entertaining sack dances definitely has something to celebrate.

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Miller was suspended for the first six games of the 2013 season for violating the league's drug policy. In 2015, he now has his sights set on a new contract, a career season in a new defense and a Super Bowl championship.

At the time of his suspension, Miller acknowledged that there was nothing he could say to earn trust back from his team and fans—only actions. Those actions have been rewarded, because Miller has not tested positive for the past two years. He is now out from under the NFL's thumb.

After being tested multiple times a week for two years as a player who was in Stage Three of the NFL's substance abuse program, Miller's status has been reset. He has not been drug tested in more than a month. He is not even in Stage One.

Miller is also fortunate that the league is operating under a new drug policy that was collectively renegotiated by owners and players back in September, 2014. Previously, a player in Stage Three of the program remained there for the duration of his career and a subsequent violation would result in a minimum suspension of a full season.

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Miller is adding leadership traits and responsibility to his already impressive on-field resume and as he continues to grow as a player and person, so will his price tag in a contract year.

Actions, not words, have revealed the type of character Miller has—character that the Broncos want to keep in Dove Valley. Freed from the NFL drug program, he can now focus entirely on his on-field efforts.

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