BUSTED: Tom Brady Clowns Peyton Manning

Tom Brady is in the headlines again. This time, he's clowning on Peyton Manning.

While embattled New England Patriots signal-caller Tom Brady has been as loquacious as a door mouse during his supposed involvement in the Deflategate scandal this offseason, he has shared his views via private emails with a childhood friend concerning the length of his career against that of veteran Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

In a piece from Henry McKenna at boston.com, a regional site offering information about the Boston area, Brady's childhood friend, Kevin Brady, shared a Grantland article, via email, comparing Manning and Tom Brady and outlining Manning's decline.

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In that vein of thought, in emails dating back to November 1, 2014, boston.com found correspondence between the two Bradys, wherein Tom told Kevin:

“Thanks popa. I've got another 7 or 8 years. He (Manning) has 2. That's the final chapter. Game on.”

Nevertheless, this was not the last of Brady's shots at his fellow NFL passer, as on November 3rd, 2014, the multiple-championship-winning Patriots QB spoke with Jay Flannelly, a native of Andover, Mass., a suburb 24 miles northeast of Boston. Like Brady, Flannelly is a Michigan alum and beyond that, they both believe Manning is a system quarterback who needs completely perfect circumstances to excel.

In the correspondence they shared November 3rd, Brady's fellow Wolverine alumnus, whom he refers to as “beav” said the following in the email when speaking about Manning. As McKenna points out in the boston.com piece, Brady doesn't seem to take exception to it.

“Manning needs things to be perfect to succeed, weather, his system, etc...U r right about November----Huge.”

Apparently, there was something said at some point about November being a difficult time for Manning to excel. Nevertheless, this is false as Manning is 46-23 (.666) in his career all-time in November. Now, to be fair to Brady, though, the last two times the Broncos and Patriots have met in November, both times at Foxborough, Mass., New England got the better of Denver.

In an email that Flannelly wrote to Brady, there were other shots fired, not only against Manning but the Broncos, as he told the passer:

“Always helps when the other team is DUMB---LBer on Gronk on 2 yd line? Von Miller!?”

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Well, all I will say in maintaining my journalistic integrity amid all of the hubris exhibited by these brash Michigan alumni in question is this: when someone may well be guilty of lying to NFL executives and perhaps even courts of law and could be severely punished because of it, I'd keep my ducks in a row until it's all said and done.

Meanwhile, as Brady continues to step in it, Manning is letting his actions speak for themselves, as he heretofore has and doesn't have the guise of controversy hanging over his head.

Still, this past Monday Brady turned 38 himself and is no spring chicken. It’s well known that in the 38-40 age group, there can be a tremendous change in how your body reacts to physical exertion. Father time exposes us all, Tom.

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