What The Denver Broncos Are Saying About Their Week 1 Matchup

Less than two days away from their opening game vs. the Ravens, what are the Broncos players and coaches saying about the matchup?

The Denver Broncos are geared up to take on the Baltimore Ravens in their opening game of the 2015 season. The Broncos kick off the season at home, going against a familar foe—one whom head coach Gary Kubiak became intimately acquainted with last season as their offensive coordinator. 

With so many changes hitting Dove Valey over the last seven months, the players and coaches are champing at the bit to unveil their new-look team on the grid-iron. Let's see what they've had to say this week about the Ravens and finally getting to the games that count. 

Head coach Gary Kubiak on why Baltimore's defense is difficult to run against..

“That's the heartbeat of their team. They're big and physical. Their fronts on both sides of the ball—it's the way they're built. That's why I told you guys, I think I've said it many times, how much I enjoyed being part of the organization because I liked what they stood for. I think in football if you're physical every week, you're going to have a chance to be consistently successful. We've got our hands full from that stand point, but we understand we're going to have to play very physical.”

Kubiak on if he will keep a play count on Brandon Marshall and Danny Trevathan..

“No, they're fine. They're good to go. Everybody in this league is fixing to play more plays than they've played in the past month. That's just the nature of the business and how you're built. [Head Strength and Conditioning Coach] Luke's [Richesson] worked hard with this football team conditioning wise. It will be a big factor this week. I think it always is in this league.”

Kubiak on his expectations for G Evan Mathis' playing time..

“Everything I see says he's going to be fine, but we are going to monitor him. He's told me over and over, 'Coach, I'm good.' He knows himself. I'm hoping he goes the whole game and we feel good about it. If we don't, [C/G] Max [Garcia] will come in and get a series or something and we'll go from there. We're prepared both ways.”

Kubiak on which defensive player will have radio connectivity in their helmet..

“[ILB] Brandon [Marshall] will do it, but Brandon and [ILB] Danny [Trevathan] can both do it. That's the way we work every day.”

Special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillas on WR Emmanuel Sanders' punt return ability..

“He’s looked good. We worked him during training camp some as you all know. He’s got good speed and quickness during practice. He’s caught the ball well. It’s going to be exciting to see him back there.”

Offensive coordinator Rick Dennison on whether RB Ronnie Hillman will get significant playing time with C.J. Anderson..

“We’re going to use everybody. It’s the first game; it’s just right out of the box. I don’t know what the temperature is going to be. Anytime you start playing 70 plays where most of them have gone 30, maybe 40 plays—some of the young guys actually played more than the veterans—you want to make sure that everybody is ready and use everybody to keep everybody fresh.”

Defensive coordinator Wade Phillips on if the defense changes with S David Bruton starting in place of T.J. Ward..

“A few things. Whatever a player can do, we try to analyze that and fit it into our defense. There will be a few things that are different. Overall, our schemes are certainly similar. It’s how you play the techniques as really involved is the way we individualize every player.”

Phillips on the security of having DE Antonio Smith in Derek Wolfe’s absence..

“He’s a different type of player than Derek and we utilize him differently, but it’s always good to have guys that don’t make many mistakes. He knows what to do and he knows how to do it in our defense.”

QB Peyton Manning on unveiling the new offense this week..

“I'm looking forward to Sunday and looking forward to seeing how we're going to perform. We've got some new guys playing and we've got some new things that we're doing. [I am] excited to see how we're going to do. I think I've said all along, the key for us is to improve throughout the season, throughout the course of a game. Baltimore is an excellent defense. Are you going to dominate all four quarters? I don't know if anybody's ever done that against Baltimore. Hopefully you can win enough plays and be efficient enough where you can do well enough to win the football game. I think this game can be a lot like our season—just keep improving, being sound in the things that we're doing and trying to be on the same page.”

RB Ronnie Hillman on his excitement to play in the offense in the regular season..

“You're very excited. You kind of get tired towards the end of camp. You kind of get this new life once game week comes. It's definitely exciting. I'm ready to get out there for this week.”

Hillman on his reaction to former Bronco RB Montee Ball getting cut..

“I was surprised, especially when you have a guy with that kind of talent and everybody thinks so high of him. It was definitely a surprise, but I'm pretty sure he's going to land on his feet somewhere. That's the league. That's just how it goes. Sometimes you make it, sometimes you don't. It's just a matter of how you bounce back. I have to fight for the carries that I get and he has the same opportunity. It sucks to see him go, but it's the way that the game goes.”

LG Evan Mathis on what the key will be for the offensive line to do well..

“It’s just about the desire to do it. I think that we have a good room full of guys that want to do it. It’s going to be communication, playing hard, physical and fast. If we make mistakes, learn from them and move on.”

Mathis on what he’s seen out of C Matt Paradis..

“For such a young guy, he’s already very savvy and very smart. He knows this offense very well. He gets us in the right place and makes the right calls. He earned my trust pretty fast.”

OLB Von Miller on if he gets tired about hearing how good Baltimore’s defense is..

“No, because they’re a great defense. You can’t get tired hearing about great defense. I like hearing about great defenses. I like hearing about the Seahawks, the Ravens and all those guys because I feel like we’re a great defense, too. When you see all of these guys balling, it just pushes us more. They’re a great defense and I feel like we can be a great defense, too.”

Miller on his relationship with Ravens OLB Elvis Dumervil..

“I haven’t talked to him this week. I already know how it is. His family, if they need tickets, my suite is his suite, same as always. I went to Elvis’ wedding in July. I just saw him not too long ago, him and all his brothers. It will be great to get him back in town. We’ll probably go to dinner if we can.”

C Matt Paradis on whether he expects any nerves making his first NFL start..

“I mean, you have nerves every game day. It's just something that comes with it. You just play football.”

Paradis on guards Evan Mathis and Louis Vasquez flanking him..

“They're both very good guards and I imagine they'll take a lot of pressure off me.”

LT Ty Sambrailo on if the offensive line is ready to play..

“Yeah, we're ready to go. They have a good defense, a good front seven. We've just got to do what we do and play good fundamentals, good assignments and we'll be alright.”

FS Darian Stewart on what the Ravens did to peak at the end of the season..

“They find a way. I feel that they have good leadership. That's one thing that has gotten it done over the years. They take it one week at a time, so that's why they have success and [Ravens QB] Joe Flacco is one of the best during the postseason.”

OLB DeMarcus Ware on getting after Ravens QB Joe Flacco..

“The good quarterbacks always get the ball out really fast because they know their reads. We have guys in the back end that are going to hold guys up and give us a little bit more time. He doesn't have to throw it straight to that first read. He has to look to the second and third to help us get pressure on the quarterback.”

RB C.J. Anderson on what the mentality is going in to playing a full season..

“Just have fun. That’s all that I did for eight games, so now I get to have fun for 16. I think that’s fine. I think that when I’m having fun, I’m at my best.”

CB Chris Harris, Jr. on playing Baltimore WR Steve Smith Jr. in 2012..

“He’s very physical. He’s very strong to the ball and that’s something that I learned then. I was younger then. I was probably in my second year when we played them, but now I just play my game. It’s really not about the other receivers and what they do. [It’s] just really doing what I do and I should be able to shut them down.”

ILB Brandon Marshall on the challenge Baltimore presents on offense..

“A great challenge. They're a great running team. [Ravens QB Joe] Flacco has a strong arm. They've got [Ravens WR] Steve Smith, of course. They like their running backs or their fullback. Actually in the pass game, they like the tight ends. We have a lot on our plate. I think we have a good game plan. I think we'll do fine.”

ILB Danny Trevathan on if he feels ready to play at a high level..

“I'm ready to go. It's one thing to say it, but it's another thing to be out there playing. Come game time, I'm going to let my play speak for itself. A lot of people can say whatever they want, but when I'm on the field, I'm going to try and play the best that I can.”

CB Aqib Talib on the season opener..

“It’s always exciting. Everybody is a little nervous. I don’t care if you’re [QB] Peyton [Manning] or the rookies. Everybody has their little first game jitters, but first couple series everybody settle down. It’s just football.”

WR Demaryius Thomas on what he wants to see in the opener..

“I think that the first thing is being disciplined as a team and maintaining what you begin and start with. Also, keeping your guys healthy and everybody taking care of their body. When you lose somebody, it kind of hurts a team in certain ways. I think that it's picking up from where we left off. If we go out, have a good game and get the win, it's just picking up from there because there's always a game you can come from, pick out the little things and do better the next week.”

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