Report: The Denver Broncos Will Not Use The Franchise Tag On Brock Osweiler

The Brock Osweiler situation is clarifying.

Denver Broncos GM John Elway has been a busy man at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, IN. Thursday, he held court in his annual Combine presser and clarified many of his intentions with different players. Here are a few of the highlights. 

* The Broncos are currently in negotiations with Von Miller on a multi-year deal.

* There's no rush on the Peyton Manning decision. Elway plans to give him his time (within reason). 

* Elway plans on talking with both Ryan Clady and DeMarcus Ware on coming back on restructured contracts. 

* The Broncos want Brock Osweiler back. But haven't begun negotiations. 

On the last topic, we find that very hard to believe. Based on mulitiple sources, the Broncos have at least had exploratory talks with Osweiler regarding a new contract. 

One thing is likely certain, however. Elway has no intention of franchise tagging Osweiler, come what may.

In a perfect world, the Broncos would like to retain Osweiler in the $12-13 million per year range. Franchise tagging him would pay him significantly more than that, albeit on just a one-year scale. 

Denver likes Osweiler as a long-term player. Thus, they want a multi-year deal. They will reserve the franchise tag as a contignecy for Von Miller, should talks fall through. That possibility is always there, but all signs point to both sides being on the same page money-wise.

As for Malik Jackson, the franchise tag is still on the table, depending on what happens with Miller. Jackson reportedly wants a five-year, $75 million contract. There is zero chance he gets that from the Broncos. 

The Osweiler situation is in an unfortunate limbo. Until Peyton Manning makes his decision to retire or not, Osweiler will keep his cards close to the vest and his options open. Elway knows it's a sticking point for Osweiler. 

“I haven’t talked to Brock yet," Elway said Thursday. "I would think that’s probably something Brock would want to know. At this point in time, we’ll talk to Brock, but I’m not going to be able to give him that answer.”

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