Finding Broncos: Scouting Quarterback Dak Prescott

Several NFL teams are high on Prescott's upside, but does MHH's draft expert think he has what it takes to make it with the defending Super Bowl champions?

Combine Results

40-YARD DASH: 4.79 SEC





-Has the arm strength to make NFL throws

-Mentally tough

-Short memory, doesn’t linger on mistakes

-Dual threat

-Quick throwing motion

-Doesn’t waste movement

-Has grown each year as a passer

-Thick frame and well built

-Has the body of an NFL quarterback

-Vision was a lot better in 2015 than 2014

-Takes very well to coaching

-While he is a dual threat, he looked to throw before running after extending plays

-Tight spiral thrower

-Throws really well when on the move

-Strong in the pocket, can shake off sacks

-Goes through his progressions quickly enough

-Stands tall and takes hits if needed

-Has an excellent deep ball, shows touch and strength

-High football IQ, and getting smarter and a better understanding of the game as he grows

-Praised for leadership qualities

-Durable. He took a beating with some horrendous pass pro in 2015


-Footwork is inconsistent, but mainly awful. Few great moments

-A work in progress who needs a lot of technical work

-Stares down receivers more often than he should

-Needs to get better with where he places the ball on passes

-Took a step back as a rusher in 2015 from 2014

-Lost some confidence as a runner

-Lacked a physical nature as a runner at times, probably due to some hits he took

-Needs to be more aware in the pocket of where to slide to avoid sacks

-While he goes through reads quickly enough, that’s at the college level. Must speed up for NFL level of competition

-Doesn’t throw with anticipation

-Gets flustered when facing certain coverages

-Doesn’t challenge the defense enough as a passer

-Has to get better at throwing where a receiver will be, or throwing them open.

-Needs to realize touch is a thing. Tries to muscle passes too often

-When pressured, his accuracy drops, touch and strength drops

Overall Thoughts

Dak Prescott is a draftable quarterback. There are a lot of positive traits that can be worked with to get him to a level where he could be a quality NFL starter. However, whoever drafts him must be willing to wait and help him grow. He isn’t a day one starter by any means, but there are certain situations wherein he could be utilized. There is a major concern with his footwork, but that can be worked on.

Many want to compare him to Tim Tebow, and there are a lot of solid comparisons between the two. However, Prescott is closer to being ready for the NFL than Tebow was. Passing is the issue with Prescott, but he is far better than Tebow ever was. The comparison is a lazy one, based off of just a few similarities.

The Denver Broncos drafting Prescott in the late third, or moving up in the fourth to get him wouldn’t be a bad idea. He fits the scheme really well, especially with how accurately he can throw while on the move. That and his ability to run would make play-action rollouts a major concern for defenses. The Broncos also have the coaching staff to work with him and get him to the level needed to be a potential starter down the road. In no way should the Broncos draft Prescott with the intentions to start him from day one.

Broncos Round Projection: Late 3rd-Early 4th

Where He Goes: Mid-Late 3rd

Per sources, a lot of teams are enamored with Prescott and his ceiling. One team thinks with at least three years of work, he could be a lot like reigning MVP Cam Newton. Coaching staffs like him more than scouts because of what they look at. Coaches love the potential, while scouts are turned away by how he currently looks. His showing as a passer at the combine helped his draft stock, with a few teams talking mid to late round two for when they’d consider taking Prescott.

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