Finding Broncos: Scouting Quarterback Jared Goff

To continue his series and his focus on quarterbacks, Erick Trickel takes a look at a quarterback from California who has fallen down boards already. Is he worth a pick for the Broncos?

Combine Results

40-YARD DASH: 4.82 seconds

VERTICAL JUMP: 27.0 inches

BROAD JUMP: 110.0 inches

3-CONE DRILL: 7.17 seconds


  • Good enough arm at college level
  • Uses his hips to help drive through throws
  • Improved his pocket awareness, poise and mobility
  • Keeps his footwork clean as he moves in the pocket
  • Does an excellent and consistent job hitting receivers with cuts to the inside
  • High football IQ
  • Has shown how methodical & surgical he can be to pick defenses apart & move his offense
  • Can take a beating, but stays composed
  • Has really good footwork in general
  • Sells his play fakes
  • Has become adept at making off-balanced throws due to the pressure he faced
  • Can hit receivers in tight windows
  • Knows how to throw receivers open
  • Has an 43.8 completion percentage on deep throws, which is impressive
  • Is a leader and takes command of the offense
  • Holds himself and teammates accountable
  • Well liked by coaches and teammates


  • College system is very QB friendly and can hurt NFL readiness
  • Ball placement can be atrocious and gets bailed out by receivers often
  • Horribly inaccurate when he has to throw while on the run
  • Is no threat to scramble and will throw ball away even if he can pick up a few yards
  • Has no work in college under center
  • Is a quick timing passer, which struggles at the NFL level
  • Loses the ball often. 24 times over three years.
  • Internal clock is slow and can hold the ball for too long
  • Took a beating in college due to a horrible offensive line
  • Struggles to read zone defenses
  • Isn’t consistent with his reads or how quickly he goes through his reads
  • Rushes throws when feeling phantom pressure
  • Needs to get better at setting his feet before he throws.
  • Dances too much in the pocket
  • Lower half isn’t what teams want in a NFL quarterback
  • Limited mobility and must go into a scheme where he doesn’t have to move

Overall Thoughts

Goff offers a lot for teams to like, but there are a lot of cons that can’t be coached up. They come with time, but as Goff gained college experience, they never improved. He consistently showed awful ball placement throughout his college career, and it never got better as the games went on.

There is a chance, in the right scheme, he can be molded into a solid starting quarterback in the NFL, but the weapons around him will have to be great, and the scheme will have to be built for him. The limitations will always hold him back in the NFL, and has him off of many teams' boards. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Denver Broncos are one of those teams who doesn’t even have Goff on their board. His lack of mobility makes him a awful fit for the current offense.

Broncos Round Projection: 5th round

Where He Goes: top 10

Per sources: teams who run more spread offense, with quarterbacks not under center, love this kid. He has the tools to succeed in these types of offenses, as long as they can keep him clean in the pocket and provide weapons excellent at getting after the ball. Possession receivers won’t work well with Goff, as they often rely on where the quarterback puts the ball, and Goff isn’t far from average in those regards.

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