Finding Broncos: Scouting Quarterback Brandon Allen

To finish up his scouting reports on college quarterbacks, MHH Analyst Erick Trickel takes a look a Razorback quarterback Brandon Allen.

Combine Results

40-YARD DASH: 4.84 seconds

VERTICAL JUMP: 28.0 inches

BROAD JUMP: 110.0 inches

3-CONE DRILL: 7.06 seconds


  • Showed tremendous growth, including on his deep balls
  • Has an NFL arm
  • Understands drive and velocity
  • Able to extend plays with his legs
  • Can fit passes in tight windows
  • When scrambling, he still looks to pick up first downs with his arm before his legs
  • Grew as a leader and as a playmaker
  • Experience working under center
  • Saw his completion percentage get better from 2014 to 2015
  • Threw with much better ball placement from 2014 to 2015
  • Compact, athletic body
  • Sets up quickly and has a quick release
  • Able to pump fake passes and reset very quickly
  • Arm to challenge NFL defenses with NFL level throws to all areas of the field
  • Can execute bootlegs and rollouts excellently
  • Smart with a high football IQ
  • Adapts very well during the game
  • Puts in the extra work
  • Excellent execution of play action plays
  • Sells the fakes, both play fakes and pump fakes
  • Moves defenders with his eyes


  • Small for an NFL quarterback
  • Doesn’t take advantage of deep throws down the sideline, even if his man has defender beat
  • Hands are a half inch smaller than what many teams want for quarterbacks, which has him off the board for many teams.
  • Take hard hits, which leads to questions about length of career in the NFL
  • Given the easy life in college and not tasked to go through progressions often, with many quick read passes
  • While he can move defenders with his eyes, they are not always the defenders that needs to be moved
  • Panics when faced with pressure
  • Drops his eyes and runs when faced with slight pressure
  • Needs to learn subtle movements in the pocket to escape pressure
  • Small hands equals ball security concerns

Overall Thoughts

When looking for a quarterback to run the Denver Broncos scheme, Brandon Allen is the perfect place to look, However, that is if he was slightly taller with bigger hands than 8 ? inches. Many may scoff at the concerns over small hands, but every NFL team has a minimum hand size before taking players off their board for a reason, and there are very, very few exceptions.

Allen may impress a team enough to be one of those exceptions, but that still won’t net him a very high draft pick. Looking at mid/late round, or day three for Allen to be selected. The Broncos picking him up wouldn’t surprise me, as he reminds me of another quarterback that the coaching staff thought very highly of. He has the ability to run the Broncos offense, and run it very well.

Broncos Round Projection: 4th round

Where He Goes: Day 3. 4th-7th rounds

Per sources: As many as 18 teams have Brandon Allen as an undraftable player due to his small size and hands. As many as eight other teams have him on the borderline of draftable and undraftable. One head NFL scout told me that if Allen was 6-foot-3 and 225+ pounds with 9.5 inch hands, he’d be getting first round consideration from multiple teams.  

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