Finding Broncos: Scouting Running Back Derrick Henry

Continuing with scouting running backs, MHH Analyst Erick Trickel turns to Alabama to take a look at the Heisman Trophy winner.

Combine Results

40-YARD DASH: 4.54 seconds

BENCH PRESS: 22 reps

VERTICAL JUMP: 37.0 inches

BROAD JUMP: 130.0 inches

3-CONE DRILL: 7.20 seconds

20-YARD SHUTTLE: 4.38 seconds

60-YARD SHUTTLE: 11.50 seconds


  • Violent, punishing runner
  • Impossible to stop by most defensive backs without help
  • Big, heavy runner
  • Surprising top end speed for his size
  • Long strider
  • Quick clean cuts, that he can execute without wasted movement
  • Surprisingly light feet and can bounce runs outside
  • Wears down defenses as the game goes on
  • Improved and grew as a runner, receiver and blocker
  • Can be effective in any kind of scheme, but best suited in power or gap schemes
  • Hard to tackle, and lead nation with forced missed tackles
  • Undefendable in short yardage situations
  • Most of his runs of 5+ yards came in the 4th quarter


  • A lot of mileage on his legs, 400+ carries last year, averaging 32 carries against SEC opponents
  • Big, upright runner
  • Takes time to get to top speed
  • Easy for defensive linemen to get ahold of him to slow him down
  • Struggles running to the outside, and best between the tackles
  • Inconsistent footwork
  • Too patient at times
  • Doesn’t always run with instinct, or trust his instincts
  • While he has improved as a receiver, he has vast room for improvement
  • Finishes his runs more than breaks tackles
  • Ineffective cut back due to bad and slow footwork
  • Top heavy, leading to serious balance concerns
  • Concerns with him keeping weight and not getting overweight

Overall Thoughts

While many like Henry, I am not a fan personally. I think he would be much better as a fullback, or even tight end once work is done as a blocker and receiver. He is a big powerful runner, which can make him a dangerous weapon on offense, especially if he lands on a team that wants to run the ball down your throat and wear you down.

With the Denver Broncos, it isn’t the worst scheme fit, but not the best, either. He would have to put in a lot of work to improve his footwork, but he would compliment C.J. Anderson very well and really play to what the coaching staff wants.

Broncos Round Projection: Late 2nd- Early 3rd

Where He Goes: Early-Mid 2nd

Per sources: A few teams want to draft Henry with the intent to use him in a variety of ways, including slot receiver. He is big, strong and heavy runner, and whoever drafts him will have to find ways to get him the ball in open space, because he has the size and ability to punish even the NFL defenders.

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