A Look At The Denver Broncos Options At Quarterback

Free agent, trade or draft, Khalid Alshami breaks down the Broncos best options at quarterback moving forward.

The Denver Broncos suffered through what on the surface looked like a nightmare at the quarterback position with Peyton Manning announcing his retirement and Brock Osweiler fleeing to Houston.

Let’s preface this story with this: Trevor Siemian is not an option to start for the Broncos. Get the idea out of your head. Siemian is a player who was beat out by a player who is no longer playing the quarterback position in the NFL.

After allowing the initial panic to subside, the Broncos traded a conditional 7th round selection in the 2017 draft for Mark Sanchez, a player with a 4-2 playoff record and back-to-back AFC Championship game appearances.

While reports suggested that the Broncos were interested in Robert Griffin III, those reports were never actually substantiated, as Denver had no real interest in the oft injured signal caller.

The team has also been linked to Ryan Fitzpatrick, although the relationship with his agent (the same agent as Osweiler) is contentious at best, saw his asking price and said no thanks.

During this entire situation, the Broncos have been in talks with the San Francisco 49ers to acquire Colin Kaepernick, who badly wants out of the Bay Area. While report after report has come out suggesting Kaepernick has suitor A, B and C — if the Broncos were unwilling to pony up in a trade for Kaepernick — each suitor has moved on, leaving the Broncos as the last team standing.


For San Francisco, they can be faced with Jared Goff falling to them in the draft while having Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert on the roster. Trent Baalke is reportedly content with keeping Kaepernick and allowing him to battle Gabbert for the starting job. For Kaepernick, this is another blow that will surely add to his displeasure with the organization.

At every turn, the 49ers have done their best to make John Elway raise his offer, but Elway isn’t biting. You play Elway’s game, or you don’t play at all. Elway is not trading a 2nd round pick for Kaepernick. Hee might not even trade a 3rd.

Baalke is playing a hand that has no chance of winning, because when the Friday deadline passes and Kaepernick is still a 'Niner, he loses. Meanwhile, John Elway will move on.

Moving away from those trade negotiations, a QB may be available on the trade market who would be an ideal trade target and could end up as the Broncos QB moving forward. That player is Mike Glennon. Glennon is clearly no threat to start in Tampa Bay and as he is scheduled to be a free agent in 2017, the clock is ticking on the Buccaneers to get something in return for Glennon before he walks for nothing.

Glennon being available in a trade is something that was reportedly not possible at the time Osweiler signed with Houston. That tune shifted recently as the Bucs realized they would need to trade or extend him.

The power is in Glennon’s grasp here. He has a two options: sign an extension or don’t. Glennon can forgo signing an extension with the Buccaneers to be a backup and either force the Buccaneers to trade him to a team where he can start, or to keep him and watch him leave via free agency to a team where he can start.

The Kaepernick situation could prove to be a blessing in disguise for Denver. Staying in SF would allow Denver to target Glennon and pair him with a draft pick.

Even if a trade can’t be made, the Broncos could have a chance at drafting Paxton Lynch out of Memphis, or Dak Prescott out of Mississippi State, and if Mark Sanchez ends up as the starting QB for the Denver Broncos, Elway will smile and watch his veteran afterthought QB guide his top ranked defense to the playoffs and to maybe another Super Bowl title.

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