Finding Broncos: Scouting Running Back Kenneth Dixon

Continuing on with running backs, Erick Trickel takes a look at a very intriguing prospect from Louisiana Tech. This running back is widely considered the most consistent running back in college from the last few years.

Combine Results

40-YARD DASH: 4.58 SEC








  • Has a compact body
  • Excellent balance
  • No wasted movements in his change of direction
  • Can change direction on a dime
  • Excellent cut back
  • Has enough bulk to take hits
  • Patient with excellent burst
  • Excellent and light feet
  • Excellent after contact, averaging nearly double the yards from after first contact compared to before first contact (3.3 yards to 1.7 yards)
  • Can create for himself
  • High football IQ with an elite understanding of situational football
  • Very good in pass protection
  • Excellent hands out of the backfield
  • Can string moves together to pick up yards
  • Recognizes the play breakdown from the snap and knows where to go
  • Decisive runner with excellent vision and patience
  • Can get to his top speed in a flash
  • Well thought of by teammates and coaches
  • Never gives up and constantly keeps his legs churning
  • Aggressive and competitive in all phases
  • Consistent


  • Some major injury concerns with a knee injury in 2013 and ankle injury in 2015
  • Those injury concerns, and hits he has taken, lead to overall durability concerns
  • Concerns about the mileage he has
  • Ball security has to improve with 13 fumbles in three seasons
  • Doesn’t have elite top end speed
  • Needs to improve his blocking. Aggression and nastiness isn’t always enough
  • When skirting through holes, his feet get close together making shoestring tackles much easier
  • Tries to do too much too often

Overall Thoughts

Dixon is one I would pound the table for, and I have had a few different scouts I have talked to say the same. While there are some big concerns with him in regards to injury and ball security, his potential is through the roof. There isn’t anything Dixon can’t do, and most of his weaknesses when it comes to his game are coachable and fixable. Of course, injuries are not one of those, as they can just happen.

As for him with the Denver Broncos, he fits the scheme very well. He has an excellent one-cut-and-go style of running, which is key for running backs in this system. However, he reminds me too much of C.J. Anderson.

Their style of running is very similar, and shared many pros and cons when Anderson was coming out of college and went undrafted. The big difference was Dixon was a lot more consistent and was used a lot more in his college career than Anderson was.

Broncos Round Projection: Mid-Late 2nd

Where He Goes: Mid 2nd - Early 3rd

Per sources: Many scouts I have talked with love this kid. He is young, with tons of potential to take the NFL by storm. They also seem to be not as worried about his injury history affecting his NFL career. As I mentioned before, scouts will pound the table for the kid and coaches probably will join them.

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