Finding Broncos: Scouting Running Back Devontae Booker

Not far from the Denver is the University of Utah, where we find the next running back on the scouting list. What does our analyst Erick Trickel think of this prospect?

Combine Results



  • Has a typical NFL build and frame
  • Patient, but bursts through holes when he sees the opportunity
  • Determined runner
  • Dependable in short yardage situations
  • Doesn’t change speed when changing direction
  • Willing pass protector
  • Has good awareness and feel for changing running lanes
  • Elite level visions
  • Flows while he runs and strings moves together effortlessly
  • Crisp, clean and excellent footwork
  • Ends his runs going forward
  • Can create for himself
  • Effective as a receiver out of the backfield
  • Has a low center of gravity
  • Light feet and can leap tackles
  • Quicker than fast


  • Doesn’t have a second gear to breakaway
  • Willing pass protector, but has to put in a lot of work to be even average
  • Won’t be a bellcow running back in the NFL
  • Maxed out on his frame before losing quickness and athleticism
  • Ball security
  • Faster NFL defenses will hurt Booker without that top gear
  • What scheme does he fit?
  • Just a kid flash and needs to go to a team who has a flash already

Overall Thoughts

At one point, Booker was my No. 2 running back, but that has since changed. He currently sits as my No. 5 running back, but just barely. When digging into the film more and more, those cons became more and more concerning. There is potential there, but not sure his ceiling is much higher than where he is currently.

In the NFL, he is really going to need to be the two, in a one-two punch, or part of a three-back committee. Then to put the cherry on top, his speed is going to be a major liability in the NFL. His yards per rush from college will drop, and looks like he will be a 3-3.5 yard-per-rush average in the NFL. When the holes are there, he may have the burst, but not sure the speed is there to really breakaway.

As for Denver, I just have no idea if he is a fit once I dug deeper into his film. In fact, I am not sure just what kind of scheme Booker fits best in. He just looks like a ‘meh’ fit in every scheme. There is a lot of second round talk — that just isn’t fitting for what Booker brings to the table.

Broncos Round Projection: Late 3rd - Early 4th

Where He Goes: Mid-Late 2nd

Per sources: The scouts I have talked with are all down on Booker. They feel, in a draft that has multiple running backs that have bell-cow potential, Booker is the odd one out. Most of those potential bell-cows likely go around the time Booker does, and a bell-cow is just a better investment at that point of the draft.

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