Finding Broncos: Scouting Running Back C.J. Prosise

C.J. Prosise, Notre Dame's prolific running back, is next up for MHH's draft expert Erick Trickel. Does Prosise fit the Broncos?

Combine Results

40-YARD DASH: 4.48 SEC




  • Receiver experience, and is the best receiving back in the draft
  • Has prototype body, and three-down size
  • Patient
  • Always falls forward
  • Excellent pad level
  • Balance is excellent
  • Effective between the tackles
  • Has a combo of moves to make defenders miss
  • Amazing open field spin
  • Power to plow through tackles
  • Excellent cut ability
  • Great awareness and understanding of when to burst through running lanes
  • Versatile player, who can also stand out on special teams
  • Strong stiff arm
  • Trusts his teammates, especially those blocking
  • Good vision
  • Has enough athleticism


  • Experience? One full year as a running back
  • No urgency as a runner and far too patient
  • Still raw and learning the proper technique for the positions
  • Troubles going east-west
  • Needs to be more decisive
  • Issues when running behind zone blocks and slow to read the hole
  • Ball security. Fumbled five times and lost two in about 150 carries
  • Not a blocking running back
  • Still a raw running back
  • Potential to be a bell-cow but a few years away

Overall Thoughts

I like Prosise, but not in the third or fourth round where he is getting mentioned by many. He is far too raw of a running back to make me comfortable making the pick.

In the late fifth/early sixth, the value is perfect, as he brings help as a special teamer right away, which you can warrant that fifth/sixth on. This also allows the team to give him time to grow and be molded by the running backs coach. In a few years, he could be one of the top three running backs from this class.

As for his fit with Denver, it is really bad at this time, due to his issues with zone blocking concepts. However, that is coachable and can pay off excellently in a few years time. He has the ability to be good in the Broncos' scheme, once he gets those issues reading zone concepts down. His lateral agility is solid, and has shown he has a great one-cut-and-go.

Broncos Round Projection: Sixth round

Where He Goes: Late 3rd-Mid 4th

Per sources: One scout I talked with says the team he works for has an undraftable grade on Prosise, citing his rawness and the fact the team isn’t sure he should be an NFL running back, or anything more than a special teams contributor.

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