Finding Broncos: Scouting Michigan State OT Jack Conklin

Getting into offensive tackles, this Michigan State product is highly thought of by the public, but what does MHH’s Draft expert Erick Trickel think of the kid?

Offensive Tackle, Michigan State

Combine Results

40-YARD DASH: 5.00 SEC






  • Scrappy, old school, smash you in the mouth style of play
  • Tough and physical, will physically beat you until you’re on the ground
  • Smart, with a high football IQ and excellent leadership qualities
  • Works great in combo blocks
  • Good pass protection technique
  • Can anchor really well
  • Knows how to use proper hand placement and arm extension
  • Great core strength
  • Strong initial contact as a run blocker
  • Drives through blocks
  • Understands leverage, especially as a run blocker
  • Will dominate a defender with ease if he gets inside of them
  • Shut down some elite college defensive linemen
  • Aware of what is going on around him
  • Keeps looking for blocks
  • Isn’t satisfied until defender is on the ground
  • Smart when climbing to the second level. Gets there quick but doesn’t get too high
  • Excellent hand punch off of the snap


  • Sub par athleticism will limit him in terms of scheme at the NFL level
  • Issues with speed off the edge
  • Gets too grabby at times
  • Has to improve his upper body technique
  • Needs work keeping his feet in position. Tends to get spread out shortly after first contact
  • Needs to get better at keeping his camera (butt) on the quarterback
  • Opens up to defenders too often for comfort
  • Even though he can shut down the first pass rush move, he'll almost always lose when defenders chain moves together
  • Has to stay ready for second and third moves
  • Spin moves and counters are his kryptonite
  • Has to get his play speed up. Was slow at times in college, going to be really slow at NFL level
  • Average quickness
  • Where do teams play him? RT? LT? Guard? Not sure where to place him

Overall Thoughts

When I first watched Conklin I wasn’t a fan, but then I went back and my thoughts changed some. I am not sure where to play him from day one, because it is hard to see where he would best fit. In my honest opinion, I would take him as a top-10 pick with the intentions of playing him at guard, while only a second round pick as a tackle.

His issues with speed off the edge, and chains of pass rush moves really worry me when it comes to him playing tackle, especially with teams facing serious pass rushing threats coming off both edges now more than they did five-plus years ago.

At guard, he won’t have to face those kinds of rushing threats as often as he would at tackle. He also has the strength, and enough functional athleticism to work on the interior. Having spent his time as a tackle, it may be a readjustment for him to play guard and take some time for him to get used to it.

As for the Denver Broncos, if he were there at the end of the first round, he wouldn’t be a bad pickup at all. He would improve the depth at tackle and even potentially add competition at guard. I love his mean and nasty streak that he plays with, which Denver doesn’t really seem to have on their offensive line.

They could use a punishing type of offensive linemen. He reminds me a lot of Richie Incognito, without the off-field bullying. Incognito made his way in the NFL as a guard. I think Conklin would best be off doing the same.

Broncos Round Projection: Late first-Late second

Where He Goes: Top 20

Per sources: He is mean and nasty and a lot of old-school-style offensive line coaches love the kid.

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