Finding Broncos: Scouting North Dakota State OT Joe Haeg

The North Dakota State prospect spent time blocking for one of the top quarterbacks in the draft. However, just how good is he? Our draft expert Erick Trickel examines.

Offensive Tackle, North Dakota State

Combine Results

40-YARD DASH: 5.16 SEC





  • Athletic
  • Has room to add more weight/bulk on his frame
  • Remains calm when blocking, doesn’t panic
  • Tons of experience
  • No medical or character concerns
  • Uses his length excellently
  • Agile
  • Great lateral quickness
  • Great posture
  • Solid technique
  • Excels at operating zone blocking concepts
  • Really quick to the edge when pulling
  • Can seal the edge on stretch runs, or any run to the outside
  • Keeps his feet driving
  • Aware of what is going on around him
  • High football IQ
  • Hard worker, with a great work ethic on the field and off the field


  • Limited to a zone scheme only. Will fail in any power scheme
  • Needs to improve his feet in pass protection and run blocking
  • Needs to sink into his set more than he does in pass protection
  • NFL athletes could give him a lot of issues on the edge
  • Has to get better with his combo blocks
  • Tends to lean and push instead of driving through with consistency
  • Needs to improve getting to the second level, and what he does when he gets there
  • Tends to climb too much when hitting the second level, allowing defenders to come underneath him
  • If he loses early, he struggles to recover
  • Has to improve his maintaining of blocks
  • Lacks core strength

Overall Thoughts

Even though Haeg has the NFL body, frame and athleticism, he lacks a lot of the ability to be taken early. He is a project, that will need time to adjust to the NFL level, and even then he may only be a backup player. His technique is solid, for the level of competition he played, but the fear is, when faced with NFL talent, his technique will be exposed.

Since his level of competition was below his ability, Haeg often got lazy with his play. As a mid-to-late round pick, Haeg really fits perfectly with the Denver Broncos. With them running a zone scheme, Haeg fits perfectly — it’s the only scheme he can play in.

Broncos Round Projection: Late 5th-Early 7th

Where He Goes: Early 5th-Late 6th

Per sources: The North Dakota State prospect is a favorite for zone teams. Some want to see what he could do at guard, and not at tackle.

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