Finding Broncos: Scouting Kansas State OG Cody Whitehair

Moving to the interior offensive line, we spotlight a Kansas State offensive guard. To many he is the top guard in the class, but what does out draft expert Erick Trickel think of him?

Combine Results

40-YARD DASH: 5.08 SEC






  • Experienced, and excellent leadership qualities
  • Exceptional body control
  • Technique is really good
  • Plug and play G
  • Versatile in scheme and where he lines up as he can play any of the five OL spots
  • Works harder than anyone else
  • Dependable
  • Great hand strength
  • Balance is great
  • Puts the team above himself
  • Consistent with his play
  • Was outstanding at left tackle when he had to play there
  • Sinks his hips on contact
  • Bigger players don’t bother him as he tends to bring them to a standstill
  • Composed and stays composed
  • Efficient mover and doesn’t waste time or movement
  • Outstanding core strength
  • Feet are excellent
  • Knows leverage
  • Extremely high football IQ
  • Can mirror defenders with ease
  • Has the three C’s. Confident, composed and competitive
  • Has a mean/nasty streak in him
  • Smooth athlete
  • Huge hands
  • Hand placement is excellent
  • Recovers really well


  • Short arms
  • Longer defenders get inside of him
  • Has to play faster
  • Punch timing has to get better
  • Not much room to add to his frame without loss of ability/athleticism/agility
  • Bull rushers are going to be a concern in the NFL with his lack of length
  • Needs to show he can play from a 3-point stance
  • Lunges too often
  • Needs a lot of work to get his timing down

Overall Thoughts

Whitehair is the top guard in the class, and it isn’t close. He has top-15 ability, but will likely fall due to his short arms. There are a lot of things he does to make up for short arms, however, with his technique and huge hands. At worst, you are getting a solid starter at guard with Whitehair, but he has potential to be one of the best guards to ever play the game. Shouldn’t be a tackle outside of emergency situations, so he's an option at guard or even center.

He fits any kind of scheme, and brings so much to a team. If he is there at pick No. 31, the Denver Broncos very well could draft him and plug him at one of the guard spots. He fits the scheme, fits what they want, and what they need. He alone upgrades the whole offensive line unit, both in the starting group and the depth of the group. However, I think he goes before the Broncos get a chance at him.

Broncos Round Projection: Top 20

Where He Goes: top 20

Per sources: There is no offensive linemen in the draft who is as safe as Whitehair. He has one of the highest ceilings for all offensive linemen, second to maybe Laremy Tunsil only, but doesn’t have the boom or bust like Tunsil does. Teams love him, but the public seems really down on him.

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