Finding Broncos: Scouting Arizona State OG Christian Westerman

This time, another guard, this time from Arizona State. This prospect is the poster boy for a zone scheme offensive guard. What does our draft expert think of him?

Combine Results

40-YARD DASH: 5.17 SEC






  • Off the chart athleticism
  • Outstanding movement skills
  • Football is in his blood, as his father was a guard at Arizona State
  • Has been working on technique from a young age
  • Gigantic hands
  • A lot stronger than many think
  • Technique is superior to anyone else’s in the draft
  • Uses technique, timing and footwork to make the more difficult blocks
  • Footwork is some of the best I have ever seen
  • Excellent understanding of proper angles
  • Hard worker
  • High football IQ
  • Constantly connects on second level blocks
  • Is better when he is asked to move
  • Balance is great
  • Keeps his footwork clean and smooth
  • Rolls his hips through contact
  • Excellent hand placement


  • Gets overpowered against stronger defensive linemen at times
  • Will struggle to get push in short yardage situations in the NFL
  • Allows defenders to his edge too often, and struggles to recover
  • Has to get a initial punch into his play, which he doesn’t currently have
  • Will need to add about 10-15 pounds, which his frame can handle
  • Doesn’t always win his blocks, but instead brings them to a stalemate
  • Scheme limited

Overall Thoughts

From a technique standpoint, Westerman is the best technician I have scouted in my years of doing this. There are few who come close, and all of them went within the first three rounds. He is limited to a zone scheme offense, which will hurt his draft stock. This issue also hurt those others' draft stock as well. In a zone scheme he can be a 10-year starter at left guard from day one.

He has all the tools to be extremely successful, and at worst looks like an average guard in a zone scheme. If Denver were to draft him, they would set their offensive line for years with a core of young players. He would compete right away for a starting job, and improve the depth on the Broncos interior. Westerman is going to be a middle day-two pick, which puts him right in range for where the Denver Broncos pick.

Broncos Round Projection: Late 2nd round-Early 3rd round

Where He Goes: Mid 2nd round-Late 3rd round

Per sources: Every zone scheme team that one source has talked to absolutely raved about the kid. However, most teams who run a power scheme have him either off their board, or really low. There are also multiple teams that view him as a center more than a guard.

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