Finding Broncos: Scouting Florida Defensive Lineman Jonathan Bullard

Getting into the defensive line prospects, this draft class is extremely deep. A guy who saw himself rise on boards a couple months ago, has experienced a small fall lately. What does our draft expert think of the Florida prospect?

Combine Results

40-YARD DASH: 4.93 SEC







  • Quick off the snap
  • Really aware of what's going on & a sense for the direction the ball carrier is going
  • Moves well
  • Knows how to attack zone scheme blocking concepts
  • Good pad level off the snap
  • Great burts
  • Attacks the gaps
  • Extremely disruptive, especially against the run
  • 17.5 tackles for a loss
  • High motor and effort player
  • Good change of direction for his size
  • Able to generate a strong bull rush
  • High football IQ
  • Puts in extra work in the film and weight room
  • Competitive, mean and nasty
  • Has a rare gear to chase down ball carriers
  • Solid hands and hand work
  • Knows how to attack edges of blockers


  • Has to improve his hand technique and get more consistent using them
  • Needs to understand leverage
  • Has to get better at reading offensive linemen and how to attack them
  • Long legs, easily cut blocked
  • Doesn’t have the right frame
  • Concerns about where he should play in the NFL
  • While he has good pad level off the snap, he gets gets higher as play goes on
  • Rushes himself and overshoots the play
  • Tends to chase too far in stretch plays
  • Doesn’t always keep discipline, especially on the backside
  • Explosiveness is average
  • Easily shut down by double teams
  • Can’t string pass rush moves together
  • More of a run defender now than a pass rusher in the NFL

Overall Thoughts

Bullard is undeservedly getting a lot of late first round buzz.. He is a solid talent against the run, but his pass rush is too raw for the NFL, which likely sees him limited the first year or two. I am unable to see where he fits best scheme wise. At times he looks like a 4-3 defensive end, then a 4-3 3-tech, then a 3-4 5-tech.

But he's never consistent enough at any of those to make me comfortable to play him full time. He will need to go to a single-gap team, where he can just focus on attacking, as his two-gap ability is lacking. With work put in, I think he could be a solid pickup for the Denver Broncos as a 5-tech defensive end, though deep down, I think he’d be best in a 1-gap attack 4-3 front as a 3-tech defensive tackle.

I just see him having too many issues taking on guards and tackles instead of primarily just guards. The fit for Denver is a possibility, though not one that is guaranteed. He isn’t worth the first round pick, but in the late second, he is worth considering.

Broncos Round Projection: Late 2nd- Late 3rd

Where He Goes: Late 1st-Mid 2nd

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