Finding Broncos: Scouting Clemson DE Kevin Dodd

Next up on the docket is a Clemson defensive linemen. He is considered a one-year wonder, but an intriguing prospect. What does our draft expert Erick Trickel think of him?

Combine Results

40-YARD DASH: 4.86 SEC

Pro Day Results

VERTICAL JUMP: 30-1/2 inches

BROAD JUMP: 9-feet-2 inches

SHORT SHUTTLE: 4.44 seconds

3-CONE DRILL: 7.18 seconds


  • NFL frame
  • Ultimate competitor
  • Doesn’t take plays off, punishes offensive linemen when he catches them taking a play off
  • Got better as his career went on, & his final season went on
  • Was excellent going against a tough Alabama offensive line, ended with 3 sacks & 2 TFL
  • Has the desired length
  • Athletic
  • Understands leverage
  • Goes 110% every play & always is in on the action
  • Always keeps his eyes on the ball
  • Doesn’t just sit on blocks
  • Always uses his footwork and/or strength to improve his positioning
  • Can shed blocks to make the play
  • Length to grab the ball carrier while blocked & the strength to slow him down or completely stop him sometimes
  • Coming from Clemson NFL teams know how well-coached he is, as Clemson is well respected for their defensive line coaching
  • Instinctive & trusts his instincts
  • Very aware of what’s going on
  • Consistently broke up screens, bootlegs and shovel passes
  • Extremely reliable when asked to contain
  • Disciplined
  • 46 pressures & 12 sacks in his final year
  • Great upfield burst
  • Has potential to become an outstanding speed to power rusher
  • Has the bend to turn the corner on the edge
  • High football IQ
  • High motor
  • Natural hand strength
  • Willing to put in the extra work


  • One year wonder
  • One full year of experience
  • Rushes himself and starts to lunge and get off balance
  • Lowers helmet too often when engaging
  • Allows blockers to control him too often
  • When he allows defenders to get inside his frame, he stops trusting his hand strength
  • Has to get additional pass rush moves. Has one move to his rushing
  • Adding another pass rush move will lead to him learning how to string moves together
  • Has a top gear that isn’t common, but has to get around to using it more consistently

Overall Thoughts

Kevin Dodd has the frame to add about 10 pounds and not lose speed or athleticism. His being a one-year wonder is a concern, but not as big of one as some may make it out to be. Plenty of one-year wonders have gone on to have very successful NFL careers. His instincts and high football IQ can get him a long way in the NFL.

All of his issues are easily fixable with coaching, and his upside is tremendous. He is versatile, capable of playing in a one or two-gap system in either a 3-4 or 4-3 front. Of course, if he goes to a 3-4 front he will be tasked with adding at least five pounds and could be asked to gain up to 15 pounds.

I really like his fit with Denver Broncos, were he to gain the weight, as a 5-tech defensive end — replacing Malik Jackson. His upside is higher than Jackson's and their play is very similar, except Dodd doesn’t lack discipline like Jackson. In the late first, Dodd should very well be in consideration for Denver.

Broncos Round Projection: Late 1st

Where He Goes: Mid/Late 1st

Per sources: Some teams think that Dodd, while not the more ready player now, has a lot more upside than fellow Clemson Tigers teammate Shaquille Lawson. There also has been talk of Dodd going in the top 15, and before Lawson.

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