Finding Broncos: Scouting Missouri LB Kentrell Brothers

Moving onto linebackers, Missouri has a really good one coming out this year. Many varying opinions on the prospect, but what does our own draft expert think?

Combine Results

40-YARD DASH: 4.89 SEC







  • Elite vision
  • Reads the quarterback pretty well to get a jump on passes
  • Rarely failed with his pass coverage responsibilities
  • `Has really good hand usage and technique
  • Sniffs out play-actions right away & gets right into his coverage responsibilities
  • Quick to find the ball and keeps excellent track of it
  • Great finisher as a tackler and led the SEC in tackles, had 42 more than the player in second
  • Sticks to his gap assignments
  • Has enough strength to stand up blockers
  • Has a great sense to find the right path to the ball
  • Stays calm
  • Different person on the field from off
  • High motor
  • High football IQ
  • Leadership qualities
  • Has shown a knack to read the offensive play before the snap
  • Rare for him to get taken off his spot by blockers, or to end up on the ground
  • Has a heavy punch to keep blockers from latching on
  • Huge hands
  • Decisive and instinctive with the trust in himself


  • Feet don’t always keep up with his brain
  • Limited athlete
  • Not a quick twitch player
  • Short arms
  • Tight
  • Struggles when asked to cover man to man
  • Sometimes he acts too quickly & ends up wrong. Needs to learn how to react, especially when close to the line
  • Doesn’t have sideline to sideline speed teams want from their linebackers
  • Not a legit threat as a pass rusher
  • Has to improve his angles to the ball
  • History of maturity concerns off the field

Overall Thoughts

Of late, I have seen Kentrell Brothers really low on people's boards. Day-three late. He is a solid third round pick in my eyes, and could even justify taking him in the late second. If you really value athleticism, Brothers isn’t the guy you want. But he has the instincts, intelligence, and decisiveness to be a very effective linebacker in the NFL right away. With work put in, he could be a long term starter.

If you want your linebackers covering zones and not man-to-man, there is very little to worry about with Brothers. There is scheme versatility to Brothers as he could play in any kind of front, as long as he has the ‘mike’ role. With Denver Broncos, they recently lost their ‘mike’ in Danny Trevathan, so they could look for help.

However, all the talk is they are really high on Todd Davis, Corey Nelson and Zaire Anderson to replace him. So, while I think they will look at taking a linebacker, it’s hard to see them take one in the range Brothers likely goes, it they are as high on Davis, Nelson and Anderson asreports make it seem.

Broncos Round Projection: Mid 3rd

Where He Goes: 3rd

Per sources: Some scouts have really talked down on Brothers, all due to his lack of athleticism, but coaches love the kid's instincts.

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