Finding Broncos: Scouting Oklahoma LB Dominique Alexander

Next up is a linebacker from Oklahoma. Some claim he is flying under the radar and could end up being a steal. Does he fit the Broncos?





  • Natural man coverage
  • 32% of his tackles were on gains of two yards or less
  • Can sift through the garbage
  • Downhill tackler
  • Has the speed to chance nearly anyone
  • Smooth with his drops
  • Looks to make tacklers before runs really get started
  • Excellent change of pace and direction
  • Lateral quickness
  • Agile
  • Can shoot the gap with surprising burst
  • Can climb the ladder on stretch plays
  • Willing to sacrifice his body to cut down offensive linemen
  • Stacks pretty well for his size


  • Undersized
  • Not the best person to have taking on blocks
  • Can be blasted on initial contact
  • Bigger power running backs will take little notice to him
  • Needs to be more consistent with his tackling
  • Easily fooled by play-fakes
  • Over pursues
  • Lacks natural instincts
  • Many see him as a Will in a 4-3 front, so some concerns with his versatility in scheme & play

Overall Thoughts

There were a couple linebackers I scouted from a few years ago and Dominique Alexander has a lot of their qualities. One of them was a small kid out of Nevada, who many thought could only cover, and the other was a small kid from Kentucky, who many thought shouldn’t even be drafted. Alexander’s play still has a lot of those two players' pros and cons, and plays very similarly.

Those two players were Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall, and the other was former Bronco Danny Trevathan. It will take time for Alexander to improve, like it did with those two, but he has tremendous upside. If a team can get him to reach that potential, he could be a star.

Outside of Denver, I don’t think Alexander can hold up as a middle linebacker. However, with how Denver runs their defense, he could be very effective. As an early day-three prospect, it would be hard for Denver to not consider him with the coaches they have and the track record they have with Marshall, Trevathan and even their depth guys like Todd Davis, Corey Nelson and Zaire Anderson.

Broncos Round Projection: Late 4th

Where He Goes: 5th-6th round

Per sources: One scout from an NFC team said, “When scouting Alexander, one thought kept coming to mind. When I sent in my report, it ended with that thought. Alexander is a prototypical Broncos linebacker.”

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