An In-Depth Look At The Denver Broncos 2016 Undrafted Free Agent Class

Do any of this year's crop of undrafted rookies have a shot at the Broncos roster? Erick Trickel evaluates.

Bralon Addison, Wide Receiver, Oregon Ducks

Addison has one of the better shots to make the roster. He is competing for a slot receiver spot, but more so as a returner. He would have to clearly beat out veteran Jordan Norwood, who was brought back to compete as a return man.

Vontarrius Dora, Linebacker, Louisiana Tech Bulldogs

Dorra is a rush linebacker, who is fighting an uphill battle to even make the practice squad. There is talent there, but a lot of it is raw. With other undrafted rush linebackers, and it being a position of strength for the Broncos, it doesn’t bode well for Dora.

Mose Frazier, Wide Receiver, Memphis Tigers

Frazier was a big weapon for new Denver Broncos quarterback Paxton Lynch at Memphis, and a weapon for the offense in general. Not only did he shine as a receiver, but running the ball as well (17 rushes for 127 yards and 2 touchdowns). There is also experience as a returner, which is where Frazier will have his best chance to make the roster.

Antonio Glover, Defensive Back, Georgia Southern

Glover unfortunately is a defensive back, which is another position of strength for the Broncos. Glover is fighting for a practice squad spot, unless he really impresses the coaching staff. However, that practice squad spot may be even out of reach.

Lars Hanson, Offensive Tackle, Sacramento State

Hanson was one of the undrafted guys Denver signed that I was personally high on. I had a fifth round grade on him for a zone scheme team. There is tremendous upside, and while he wont compete for a starting job, he is competing for a backup spot, or a practice squad spot. His upside is high, but has a lot of work to put the tools he has together.

Calvin Heurtelou, Nose Tackle, Miami (Fl) Hurricanes

With no spots open for competition of the 53-man roster, Heurtelou is fighting for a practice squad spot. He is a typical Wade Phillips nose tackle, but there is a lot of potential nose tackle talent on the roster fighting for a practice squad spot.

Shaneil Jenkins, Defensive End, Shepard

Jenkins is too small for a 3-4 end spot, but too big for a 3-4 rush linebacker spot. He likely will be asked to add/drop weight to get a position on defense. When asked to add/drop weight to get a position, it doesn’t end well for the player when it comes time for cuts. It hurts the development of the player, and there is only a short time to show enough development for undrafted rookies.

Henry Krieger-Coble, Tight End, Iowa Hawkeyes

Krieger-Coble is one of the few undrafted rookies I see as having the best shot at making the roster. He is a typical tight end for the scheme, and tight end isn’t exactly set in stone for the Broncos. At the very least, Krieger-Coble should come away with a practice squad spot.

David Moala, Nose Tackle, Utah State Aggies

Moala is another one of the rookie nose tackle talents the Broncos picked up. Its going to be a stiff competition for the rookie nose tackles for a practice squad spot.

Justin Murray, Offensive Tackle, Cincinnati Bearcats

When watching Murray I was left less than impressed with his play. I don’t see him getting a shot at the roster or practice squad. Just too much that needs to be worked on.

Durron Neal, Wide Receiver, Oklahoma Sooners

Neal is another one of these receivers who is brought in for competition as a returner. I didn’t see it with him as a receiver, and the other returner options looked better when scouting them

Aaron Neary, Offensive Line, Eastern Washington

The Broncos are looking to increase the competition for the depth on their offensive line and Neary is one to keep an eye on. Maybe not on the roster this year, but the practice squad, then fighting for the roster next year.

Dwayne Norman, Linebacker, Duke Blue Devils

The inside linebacker is a good talent to have, and should be even better next year. He should land a spot on the practice squad to grow for a year. To make the 53-man roster, there is a lot of talent ahead of him.

Anthony Norris, Tight End, Southern Utah

When I watched Norris, I liked what I saw a lot and would have taken him in the seventh round. He should sit on the practice squad for a year or two, but the talent and upside is there. Just needs refinement and it all put together.

Kyle Peko, Nose Tackle, Oregon State Beavers

Peko is known as a run stopper more than a pass rusher. For the rookie nose tackles fighting for a practice squad spot, I would put Peko as having the best chance at this time.

Kalif Raymond, Receiver/Returner, Holy Cross

I didn’t like what I saw as a receiver, but loved what I saw as a returner. In the NFL, I view him as a reutner only, which isn’t what the Broncos want. They want their returners to contribute elsewhere as well.

Frank Shannon, Linebacker, Oklahoma

Shannon is another linebacker I liked, and watching him compete with Norman for a practice squad spot is going to be fun. They both look and play like linebackers the Broncos have used in the past and currently.

Sadat Sulleyman, Linebacker, Portland State

In college Sulleyman played defensive end mainly, but he is far too small to play that in a 3-4 front and has been moved to rush linebacker. It is a stiff competition, and hard to see Sulleyman separate himself from the other rookie rush linebackers.

Nathan Theus, Long Snapper, Georgia Bulldogs

Theus is one of two long snappers on the roster. He will have to separate himself from the other long snapper in order to win the job. Special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillias said it is more than just snapping the ball he is looking for, so Theus will have to show more than that, but do that at an excellent and consistent level.

John Tidwell, Cornerback, Sioux Falls

Tidwell was at the Broncos local pro day and really caught their eye, which landed him on the training camp roster. He will have to continue to impress to even land on the practice squad.

Eddie Yarbrough, Linebacker, Wyoming Cowboys

Yarbrough is the rush linebacker that I came away liking the most. A raw skill-set, but his flashes were mind blowing. Yarbrough needs to start putting it together to beat out the other rush linebackers for a practice squad spot. Yarbrough reminds me a lot of Shaquil Barrett when Barrett was entering the NFL.

Kyle Kragen, Linebacker, UCLA Bruins

When the Broncos waived Richard Gordon, they brought Kragen in. Kragen was a defensive end in college, but will be a rush linebacker for the Broncos. I liked what I saw of Kragen, but he will be playing a new position, so it will be interesting to watch. Kragen and Yarbrough stand alone and at the top of the rookie rush linebacker group.

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