Von Miller Opens Up About His Contract Negotiations With The Denver Broncos

Von Miller recently opened up to SI on how the process of negotiating a long-term contract with the Broncos has affected him.

Von Miller is getting tired. The energy he's been forced to expend in his negotiations for a long-term contract with the Denver Broncos has taken its toll, as he opened up to Greg Bishop of SI.com

“I don’t like to think about it,” Miller says of the contract. “That’s like negative energy. I’m going to be here.”

Regardless of the posturing and rhetoric that Miller has espoused of late, he wants to be in Denver with his teammates. He doesn't want to hold out of the 2016 season. 

But in order for GM John Elway to consider it a real threat, Miller can't take the possibility of skipping the 2016 season off the table, as his father Von Sr. pointed out in Bishop's piece. 

“It’s got to be there,” Von Sr. says. “It’s got to be a part of the play. It’s got to be part of the process. Do we want to go down that road? I would say not. We definitely don’t. I don’t want him to go down that road.”

Miller has stated on more than one occasion his desire to remain a "Bronco for life". But every time details of his negotiation process with the Broncos are leaked, the naysayers in the fanbase come out of the woodwork. Don't think he doesn't hear it. He does, and its wearing on the Super Bowl 50 MVP.

“It just hurts,” Miller says. “I’m not even going to lie. It’s a business but at the end of the day, I got feelings, too. I know some fans don’t know that some of the reports aren’t even true. When I get on Instagram, no matter what I post, there’s going to be 400 comments. Guys bashing me. Take the deal. You greedy bastard. I thought you wanted to be a Bronco for life? And it kind of weighs on you after a while.”

Clearly, Miller plans on playing in Denver this year, even if its under the franchise tag, despite his public rhetoric that he would rather skip the season. The good news? 

http://www.scout.com/nfl/broncos/story/1679166-no-chance-von-plays-under... Miller and Denver are a lot closer to a deal than they've been since March. The issue now revolves around guaranteed money. Miller is looking for $70 million fully guaranteed, to be paid out within the first three years of the contract. 

Elway's most recent offer was for almost half of that—$39.8 million guaranteed, to be paid out in the first two years. But Denver's last offer also included close to $58 million in guarantees against injury. 

If the Broncos can get close to the $70M mark, the rest will take care of itself. Miller's camp has already agreed to the term and total value of Denver's offer (six years, $114.5M). 

There's roughly a month left to go before the July 15 deadline. Until then, Miller's feelings will likely continue to take the bullet treatment. 

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