Five Reasons You Should Support Mile High Huddle By Signing Up For A Premium Membership

Mile High Huddle readers can benefit by signing up for a premium membership in many ways. We talk about the top-5 ways here.

Mile High Huddle is in a unique position to benefit our readers in ways that go beyond the blogosphere—a premium membership. 

Many of you know what a premium membership is. A lot of you have become a premium member. 

But there are many readers who are either new to MHH, or don't fully understand what a premium membership is. Let's clarify. 

1. Support Our Site

By signing up for a premium membership, you are supporting what we do here at Mile High Huddle. We work tirelessly to bring you the best, most comprehensive coverage of the Broncos on the internet. 

You can go to any Broncos fan blog. But you choose to read MHH because of our unique slant on the Broncos. 

We're not just covering Broncos news. We're cultivating sources, and making sure you have all the info you need on your favorite team.

From in-depth analysis and reports, to All-22 film reviews, quality videos and podcasts, our diverse content platform is designed to make sure nothing Broncos related slips through the cracks. 

Plus, there's our message board community and social media following. YOU are a part of it. And we appreciate your readership. We do ask that you consider signing up for a premium membership. 

You can sign up for a month-to-month plan, which costs $5/month—the cost of a premium cup o' joe at your favorite coffee house. Or the annual membership, which costs $49. Now, let's talk about what you get in return. 

• For the next couple days, to make sure you're locked on for Broncos free agency, you get can get two months free when you sign up for a monthly subscription ($5) by using the following code at checkout: FA2017

2. Exclusive Broncos Content

Don't miss a single piece of our unique Broncos content! With NFL free agency set to kick off, make sure you're locked in every tidbit of Broncos buzz. 

From top-of-the-line videos, to interviews and in-depth film articles, we reserve our very best content for our premium members. Members also receive access across the entire Scout Network.

You might be a Broncos fan, but maybe you went to college at Utah, or Syracuse and want to keep up with insider recruiting info from your alma mater. Or maybe you wanna stay on top of insider recruiting info at CU or CSU. Premium gives you full access across the network. 

3. Premium Fantasy Content

In today's football world, its rare when a sports fan under the age of 35 doesn't play some kind of fantasy sports. It just so happens that Scout has the best Fantasy Experts in the World


Premium members get a $35 credit at, which practically pays for the membership.  

Expert chat rooms. Premium Fantasy forums and cheat sheets. MHH premium members receive every tool they need to win their respective fantasy league, whether its full season or daily. 

4. Save 10% On Game Tickets

The Broncos have sold out every season for decades. It isn't easy to get tickets, which can throw fans who want to attend a Broncos game on the mercy of the secondary ticket market. 

With a MHH premium membership, you receive 10% off tickets through Ticket Monster. Even if you attended just one Broncos game, the savings alone would more than pay for your premium membership. 

We've had members save hundreds of dollars on tickets. NFL, NCAA, NBA and concert tickets are all eligible for discount with a premium membership. 

5. Save 10% On Broncos Merchandise

This might be our most popular and most utilized member benefit. It can get expensive keeping your closet stocked with Broncos merch. Fortunately, we've pulled out the stops that give our members 10% off on all team merchandise through Fanatics — the same merchandiser used by the Broncos and the NFL. 

Eyeing that Von Miller jersey? With an MHH premium membership, you can save some real bank. Our members who use this benefit have saved a lot of money as fans. 

Thank You

We hope you consider signing up for a premium membership. We have been tireless in our efforts to make sure the benefits package our members receive is second to none. 


Your readership is appreciated, regardless. If you haven't already, make sure you sign up for a free account and start making your presence known in our Broncos Hardcore forum. We want to hear your voice!

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