VIDEO: John Elway A Little Tipsy Answering Questions About Von Miller?

The manner in which John Elway responded to questions about Von Miller while in Los Angeles recently has some questioning the Broncos GM.

For the last couple of weeks, tensions have been riding high between star linebacker Von Miller and Denver Broncos GM John Elway. The two sides have been in the process of negotiating a long-term contract extension, since the Broncos applied the exclusive rights franchise tag to Miller in March. 

The last offer Denver made to Miller was about $30 million short in the guaranteed dollars department and it was made not long after the Broncos spent the day at the White House with President Barack Obama in the Super Bowl champion tradition. 

There were many photos taken that day at the White House—by the attending media and the players themselves. One such photo was taken by DeMarcus Ware, featuring him, Peyton ManningGary Kubiak, Von Miller and John Elway.

When the Broncos reportedly "pulled" their six-year, $114.5 million offer to Miller the very next day, Miller took to Instagram to send a public message to Elway.

As you can see, its the very same photo that Ware posted, but with Elway cropped out on the right. A very sophomoric and unnecessarily public reaction by the Super Bowl MVP. 

Later, Miller again waded into the public arena, saying on a Netflix show that he wouldn't consider sitting out the entire 2016 season. He back tracked on that statement the next day, saying there's "no chance" he'll play under the franchise tag in 2016. 

To add insult to injury, in an interview with, Miller talked about his feelings throughout the negotiation process with Denver, even going so far as to say he's been hurt by fans "bashing" him for not taking Denver's deal. 

All the while, Elway and the Broncos have maintained their desire to keep Miller in orange and blue long term. I recount the back-and-forth on this issue, so that when you see John Elway respond to the paparazzi in the video above via TMZ, you have the correct context. When asked how he felt about Von cropping him out of that photo on Instagram, Elway responded with, "You know what, that's too bad." 

Yes, Elway looked out of sorts. In Los Angeles, likely letting loose a little bit, the Broncos GM came across somewhat tipsy. 

However, he was doing nothing illegal, or unethical for that matter. If he was tipsy, he did so privately among friends, and afterward, someone else drove the vehicle. 

It can be argued that he should know better than to put himself in a situation where he could be caught on camera in that state, and there's truth to that sentiment. 

But nobody's perfect and if anybody has cause to blow off some steam, Elway does, after leading his team to five consecutive Division titles, two Super Bowl berths and a Lombardi Trophy. 

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